• Being Present

    To show up and be present –
    being who we are is our gift to the circle and to life.

  • Speaking Truth

    To speak our truth from the heart (as well as the mind) without blame or judgment – our perspective is unique and valuable, just as is that of everyone else. Differences are a gift.

  • Paying Attention

    To pay attention to what has heart and meaning for each of us – it will help guide us to the next step upon our life’s path.

  • Opening to Outcome

    To be open to outcome, without being attached – come with a clear intention and be open to the outcome being different than was expected.

  • Guarding Confidentiality

    To keep confidential that which is shared by others.

  • Caring for Self and Others

    To be aware of and care for our own needs and those of the community and to find a place of ongoing balance between the two.