WindEagle is turning 70!

Our beloved WindEagle turns three score years and ten in just a little while.

This space is for the worldwide Medicine Family to pool our resources and make a wondrous birthday gift to WindEagle from all of us.

When we see how much we have collected, we will determine the best strategy – whether we put the whole amount into a gift certificate or give her some always welcome cash plus a gift certificate. We feel that it will be obvious, once we know the amount that has been offered.

Simply click on the donate button below and, when you find yourself at the PayPal screen, simply choose the amount of your gift. All funds received will go to WindEagle minus the fee that PayPal charges to handle the money. Once we have collected all the gifts, we will create an E-Card with all of our names and a separate e-mail with all our e-mail addresses, so that she can connect with us after she has received the love that we send to her.

May a great wave of wild generosity overtake all of us :-))

With love from

David (PrairieDancer), Ann (StarSong), FireHawk and Pele Rouge.