U.K. Earth Wisdom Summer Ceremony & Prayer Dance

21st to 24th June 2018, Derbyshire, England

Every June Nic and Susie Turner and the land community, offer a series of camping retreats on the ‘The Land’. It is beautifully set up for holding ceremonies and is a truly delightful space to relax, restore and renew. As in 2017, the Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom will again partner with The Land community to offer a dedicated Medicine ceremony. Last year we awakened the energies of the Medicine Wheel with a teaching on the Sacred Twenty Count. This year we will share how to apply this understanding of Earth Wisdom Medicine Wheels through an exploration of what we call Robes of Power and Distortion. The metaphor of a “robe” is helpful to see how you behave in different guises or energy states that hold your thoughts, words and actions. Some traditions call them sub-personalities and in our Earth Wisdom we recognises and work with states that are life-affirming (power) and those that are life-diminishing (distortion).
Details of the Earth Wisdom Retreat 

This three-day retreat offers you a powerful practice which strengthens your capacity to develop more co-creative relationships in all aspects of your life and work. It also helps you to diminish those patterns which disrupt your balance and ease in your life.  

On this retreat, we will explore how to harness the understanding of our Robes of Power and Distortion in our own personal development, as well as our relationship with our families, workplace and communities. The retreat climaxes with a Summer Solstice Prayer Ceremony where we consciously build these energies by dancing to the Tree of Life. This medicine retreat is independent of our prior ceremonies and will be equally valuable to people who have not trained in Earth Wisdom with us before. For those trained in the Origin Teachings it will be a refresher and opportunity to go deeper.
During the time together we will spend time on the land and in the most beautiful yurt seen above, and we will;

  • Connect with the Sacred 20 Count Wheel as the foundation of the Medicine Way;
  • Apply the Wheels of the Power Allies Robes and Robes of Distortion to review your personal  patterns
  • Dis-identify from family patterns that limit access to your allies;
  • Use these insights to release the creativity in teams and organisations you are part of;
  • Receive feedback about how others see the balance of allies and distortions in you;
  • Awaken your own Allied Wheel and learn how to use this as on-going daily practice;
  • Deepen your connection with your robe energies at the Sunday Summer Solstice Prayer Dance.

Led by Nic Turner and Ann Roberts. Nic and I have been in relationship with Earth Wisdom teachers RainbowHawk and WindEagle of the Ehama Institute for 20 years. Individually, and collectively, we have been exploring the application and evolution of this ancient body of Mayan Teachings.Through his work with nowhere, Nic has spent the last 20 years sharing a unique Medicine Wheel-based practice which is now used by leaders and organisations world-wide. This is a unique approach to leadership which has a proven track record. I have delivered ceremonial and leadership development offerings that reflect my passion for the Medicine. As Chair of the Center for Timeless Earth wisdom, I deeply am committed to breathing these teachings into the world.

If you would like to join us for this ceremony you would be most welcome, and it would be so lovely to (re)connect with you. Also, we would deeply appreciate it if you would circulate this to your networks, particularly those who might wish to experience a ceremony with Earth Wisdom.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ann StarSong at ann@ctew20.org   When: 21st June – 24th June   Where:   Derbyshire, England.   Cost: £200 which includes campling and food