U.K. Earth Wisdom Summer Retreat & Prayer Dance

4th – 7th July 2019 Derbyshire, England

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient design of wholeness and balance that is a living mandala of our Human energetic relationship to the natural world. It holds a wisdom that we can access in many different ways and is a place to honour our connection with all of life.

Our programme offers dedicated personal time on the Land to access the magic and the insights of the Medicine Wheel. In the quiet stillness of the retreat time, our questions and questing opens the door to deeper wisdom that enables us to make more balanced choices in our lives. We will share this time in community with other like-minded and interested people where we will learn from each other and be guided by this ancient Earth Wisdom tradition.

During our time together there will be the opportunity to use tools, protocols and practices from a body of Earth Wisdom Teachings that bring us into more wholeness and balance in our lives.

The Invitation

We would love you to join us for this special time. We believe that there is value in gifting yourself time to be with the Earth and to combine this with a time of personal exploration offered by The Medicine Wheel Teachings. This retreat is equally suitable for people with no experience of the Medicine Wheel, and also for experienced Medicine people who wish to spend time in Ceremony on the Land.

This will be our sixth annual ceremony on The Land and this year’s retreat offers:

  • time on the land communing with the natural world to renew and restore
  • exploring our untapped potential to live more fully into our life purpose,
  • being guided in a time of personal exploration and healing
  • learning how ancient traditions have relevance to our lives now
  • expanding our imagination to create fresh and engaging life options

Our time together culminates in a Summer Solstice Prayer ceremony day when we sing, drum and dance to rededicate ourselves to Sacred Mother Life.


Guides and Land Community Members

The exploration is guided by Ann, David, Nic and Susie who have studied and shared this ancient body of Earth Wisdom Teachings. The four guides have all been in relationship with Earth Wisdom Teachers RainbowHawk and WindEagle of the Ehama Institute for the past twenty years. Individually, and collectively, they have been exploring the application and evolution of this ancient body of Mayan Teachings.

Over the last five years the Land community group have engaged with the Medicine Wheel and during the retreat they will share their experience of learning and applying these Teachings.

If you would like to join us for this ceremony you would be most welcome, and it would be so lovely to (re)connect with you. Also, we would deeply appreciate it if you would circulate this to your networks, particularly those who might wish to experience a ceremony with Earth Wisdom.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ann StarSong at ann@ctew20.org

When: 4th – 7th July 2019.  

Where:   Derbyshire, England.  

Cost: £200 which includes camping and food.    

We will start with lunch on the 4th July, so you are welcome, and encouraged, to arrive the evening before to set up your tent etc. The workshop will start with a gathering circle at 2 pm. To book you place please visit https://www.the-land.co.uk/weaving-the-magic-of-the-medicine-wheel/