A Message to Our Medicine Family

There are many of us around the world who have studied, and are dedicated to, the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge. Our lives and families have been profoundly touched by the depth and breadth of the wisdom of the wheels, concepts and practices in this ancient body of human Earth Wisdom.

As you can see from our beliefs statement we see that the sharing of the Teachings has a unique and profound contribution to support the way that we respond to the challenges and opportunities of living in the 21st Century.

We live in remarkable times!  Great, seismic shifts are underway and we see that expanding the reach of the Origin Teachings is so needed to support and remember ways to live in harmony with Mother Earth.

At the Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom, we are deeply called to create the opportunity for our Medicine community to gather, learn and grow with each other in order to do this.

We wish to reach out to all who have engaged and trained with the Teachings to come into an international ‘we space’ to joyfully co-operate and co-create for the good of All of Life.  To expand our collective capability and capacity to be full partners with each other and with All of Life in the evolutionary Dance of Creation.

We will be reaching out to the Medicine Family to have conversations, both individually and collectively, to find out;

  • how the Teachings are being shared across the world
  • what might be needed to extend the reach of the Teachings
  • how we can expand our international engagement as a Medicine family• how the Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom can be of service to facilitate this

We are currently developing an online space called The HEARTH to build our connections and conversations.

We are also looking to create a task force to explore the design and development of this and if you would like to join us in co-creating this you would be so welcome.

We do need some funding support to take this forward and if, in this early stage, you are called to make a donation to help us, we would be very grateful too.

Make a Donation of Support to The HEARTH