The Call of the Sacred Feminine

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We always gathered roses for ceremony….

 “How did the rose
Ever open its heart and give to this world all its beauty?
It felt the encouragement of light against its being,
Otherwise, we all remain too frightened”
~ Hafiz

The rose and the sword are both represented in The Eagle, the north shield, painted by RainbowHawk, as part of The Four Shields of Remembrance.  The rose and the sword are depicted in the bowl of consciousness at the bottom of the image.  The rose is opening, receiving the light of the sun and blessing us with the most gentle color and scent…unfolding herself… but not showing all her secrets… full of mystery.  The sword, her counterpart by contrast, is sharp where she is soft, formed with great strength where she is delicate, long and pointed where she is rounded and curved.

The Eagle by RainbowHawk

At the heart of the teachings of the Delicate Lodge is the creation story.  A story of great simplicity and immense profundity.  In the story, we hear of the Great Great Grandmother, Wakan, the void, stillness, all potential, and, that she is complete and whole in every way.  The story continues by telling us she is lonely, and that in her loneliness, she turns in upon herself and the Great Great Grandfather, the lightning bolt, the kinetic life force, comes into being.

When I hear this, I can’t help but feel awe.  For me it is the most sacred mystery of life unfolding like the rose right before our eyes.  The secrets are hidden in the folds of the story beckoning us to come closer.  What is happening here?  What does it mean that she is complete and whole AND lonely?  How can that be?  And what does it mean that she turns in upon herself and then the Great Great Grandfather comes into being.

This is the call of the Sacred Feminine.  This is the deep power hidden in each of us.  The call represents the deep yearning of the spirit.  To touch the longing within, we need to listen to the spirit voice.   Often this is the voice we suppress.  We have the feeling it is too much, or it will rock our world, upset our status quo, so we push the voice and the longing away.

In the story, we hear the Great Great Grandmother was lonely.  Lonely for what?  What did she call for?  Remembering she is the void, empty yet full of potential, we see her call is for her partner.  Her partner is manifestation.  These are the sacred twins: the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine:  potential and manifestation.  They live in us.  We are each beings of potential and manifestation.

So what is the calling of the Sacred Feminine?  How does this happen?   How can we touch this mystery?  How does it awaken in the teachings?   

We are each aware of the critical nature of this time on our earth.  In all that I share in many different offerings, there is a calling for the realization of our potential.  It is time to do whatever is needed to step into that potential and the journey to manifest it.  Sometimes it takes a lot to step into our own light.  And it takes a lot to own our potential and risk the opening, like the rose, who we know to “give to this world, all its beauty”.    

This call of the Sacred Feminine is like a clarion call for our hearts to awaken, it is a call to listen for the yearning and to allow the Sacred Feminine to awaken our own dreams.

Medallic Art of Nicola Moss

I offer this amazing brass Medallic creation as image to inspire the energy of the Sacred Feminine.  Notice the holding of the ancient grandmother as she embraces the void of creation, the sacred container where all potential resides, and the tail of the whale representing remembrance.

So far in this writing I have been speaking of what is at the heart of the Sacred Feminine, going to the deepest center of it, which I find in the Creation story: The void : The potential  : The yearning.  So where does that lead us?  How does this understanding come awake in our daily lives and how does it show up in the teachings?

When speaking of the teachings, I would say this sacred dance of feminine and masculine is in every wheel, and provides great balance in the sacred dance of life.

I invite us into the council wheel.  When studying the old wisdom ways, we see the eight perspectives and the twin chiefs in each direction. 

The ideal is to have a man and a woman in each direction to represent both the feminine and the masculine within that direction.  The feminine energy listens deeply and receives the clarity around what is happening in this present moment, offering an appreciative view, while the masculine energy then brings forward what is needed in relation to what is.

In society, we notice that we are living in a fast-paced culture requiring us to run, initiate, build, accomplish, organize or manifest without the balance of the regeneration, renewal, contemplative and reflective energies to balance us.  Often we feel we have to be productive, we have to show what we have accomplished or we feel we will not have value.  So we burn out, we experience stress and we fall ill.  This is a symptom of a society that is out of balance with the energies of the Sacred Feminine.

An old prophecy says “This is the time of the grandmothers”.  The meaning is that the energy of the Sacred Feminine is going to rise and take its place alongside that of the Sacred Masculine. This is happening.  In the past, the grandmothers of the Iroquois nation would choose the men who would sit in council to make decisions for the people.  The grandmothers would need to sanction war if the council called for this to take place.  We may not live tribally anymore, but we have work places, and organizations, and families where it is important to balance these energies for the well-being of all communities of life.  When we indeed honor the Sacred Feminine and take time to listen to source before acting, it will change everything, because what we will create will be entirely different.

The title of this first issue of the Beacon Fire publication is The Call of The Sacred Feminine.  When I think about the ‘call’ I think of awakening or calling out.  In the ceremony of the vision quest, we say to ‘cry for a vision’.  This is the voice of the yearning of the spirit.

So if I take this for myself, I can ask “What is the deepest call within myself?”  “What am I yearning for?”  This yearning is how we somehow activate the potential that turns into manifestation.

“Where am I called in this life?”
“What is rising up in me, calling for expression and manifestation?”
“Where do I feel the encouragement of light against my being?”

WindEagle, Keeper of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge


As a lineage carrier and master teacher, WindEagle dedicates her time to the unfolding of collective wisdom, the awakening of higher consciousness, the balance of being and becoming and the calling forth of the highest potential for the benefit of all beings.   

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