The Story of the Origin  Teachings of the Delicate Lodge

It has been told that Flys Crow, a priestess of the Mayan People, led her people across the great gulf waters in a time of upheaval in the land of the Maya. At the mouth of the great river now called the Mississippi, she and her people founded a new community based on the teachings of Quetzacoatl.

Over time, from this base, the way of the mound builders flowed out, touching tribes to the east and the west. The old glyphs became the teaching wheels that are reflected in many tribal designs and in the teaching belts that were carried by the Medicine people. These wheels and designs were part of an oral tradition that was carried by many tribes, and flowered in numerous forms always keeping alive the relationship of respect for Grandmother Earth and the life that emanated from her.

In 1879, when the people were subjected to a final onslaught from the new culture that had its roots in the lands across the great waters, a council of the many tribes was held in Oklahoma. At this council it was seen that the teaching of the way of the wheels was in peril. Due to the wars of opression, there remained only thirty-seven of these teaching belts from the hundreds that had been before.

It was decided to give these remaining belts into the hands of thirty- seven medicine women in the hope to keep the culture of the wheels alive, for the men were under threat of extinction. One of these grandmothers was a woman named Tomasiasah, a Cree Indian from the north of the great lakes.

Tomasiasah traveled back to the lands of the Cree, and over time had a number of apprentices who traveled and learned from her. One of these she taught was a Cheyenne woman named Eschimah who had come to her when she was young and afflicted with illness. Eschimah was healed by Tomasiasah, and she grew to be a medicine teacher that carried the belt and had her own apprentices.

In Eschimah’s latter years she had a young metis who carried the name Mountain River as an apprentice. By the time of Eschimah’s passing to the Great Round in 1969, she had handed on the teachings called ‘The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge’ to Mountain River.

This belt carried over 100 wheels of the knowledge from the oral tradition. In time this belt was passed to the founders of Ehama Institute, RainbowHawk and WindEagle, who, in turn, passed it to their apprentice, WhiteEagle and many others who trained for years in the Delicate Lodge teachings. They carry the words given to them by the Chiefs, “Breathe these teachings into the world. It is time and maybe some good will come of this.”

We share this story with you with respect for those ancestors who have walked before, and with love and honor for the Mother Earth, who knows all the stories.