Stop and Be in the Beauty – Reconnecting to the Sacred Feminine

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The Sacred Feminine comes as a gentle touch upon our shoulder inviting us to stop and simply be in the magic of the present moment. She holds us as we transition from the night dreams to the day dreams creating space for us to be in the yearning, the desire to learn and grow. She fills us with love and awe as we wander the woods connecting to our sisters and brothers.  She reminds us to be aware of their Beauty everywhere; moss clinging to tree-trunks, the play of light and shadow on leaves, buzzing honey bees drinking from the flowers, stones revealing healing patterns.  We are with all of them, our senses expanded in intimate connection, appreciating each one and open to receive information.

Then from Her depths there is a whisper, ‘Come. It is time.”

Following that call one day, I found myself sitting on the towpath next to a swan’s nest, watching as a cygnet pecked its way from the darkness of the egg to the light of this world. A miracle of the dance of the NotTwo. What an honour to be invited to witness such an intimate moment. To share in the joy of another Spirit Being coming into form.

At the time I didn’t fully appreciate what I was experiencing. I had forgotten the truth – that all things are born out of the Sacred Feminine and that it is the dance of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, that creates everything. That it begins with the Sacred Feminine; the silence of the Mystery in which anything is possible and nothing has yet come into form. Until that moment when the urge to create becomes an imperative and the Sacred Masculine, the Light, the Sound, bursts forth from the Void and something is formed.

Indeed I spent many years denying this understanding. Preferring to consider myself as a ‘human’ rather than being a female. Not appreciating my unique gifts as a woman nor recognizing which aspects of me were from the Sacred Feminine and which were from the Sacred Masculine.  Rebelling against the inequalities I experienced as a woman in the workplace and elsewhere. Better to ignore the subtleties of this dance, than to be treated with disdain because I was female.

It was the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge that finally brought me home to Wholeness. Learning that the Women hold the centre and the Men guard the perimeter. Remembering how both reside in me. Spending time in the darkness and the silence, Being.  Then manifesting through the energy of the Sacred Masculine. It required a deep listening and a practice of getting out of the way, anything that was stopping me from living into my Sacred Dream.

In that remembering, I recognised that the Mother Earth and all her children have always been my first love. The Teachings deepened that love, a love of the utter magic of this world.  They fueled a curiosity to explore, to be in intimate relationship with Life. The natural world is a portal for me into the Mystery, to the Sacred Feminine. And my expression of that relationship found its voice through Photography. Oftentimes when I am taking photographs I feel like I am falling into whatever it is I am seeing and literally becoming One with. I experience the everchanging moment, the dance of all the elements, seen and unseen, that come together to create that unique moment; a moment that will never be repeated.

Sometimes I don’t even fully ‘see’ everything that is before me and it is not until I take the time later to look at the image on my computer that I see what was hidden; I see the energy that was tapping on my shoulder and saying, “Look, look this way. See me”. The invitation from the Other to meet them in their Essence, an Essence born of their StarSeed potential, that first yearning in the darkness of No Thing. It truly is a journey to perceive in a different way. How the opportunity to listen for that voice from the Sacred Feminine, to let her grow inside and to hear that whisper (sometimes it’s even a shout or a clamour of multiple voices) from the stone, or the tree, the swan, or the water, saying “See me, I’m here, over here. Come and say hello. Be with me a while.” It is an opportunity to come into deep relationship with the animals, and the plants, the sky nation and the water, the ThunderBeings and the ants; all Life.

My invitation this day to you is to stop and watch the video below. Simply immerse yourself in the Sacred Feminine.  Then let your senses open to my Essence Reflections that come through Her.

Accalia is a Council Guide, a Photographer, a Swan Rescuer and, at heart she is a Nomad

Having experienced the power of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge in her own life about ten years ago she stepped forward as a Guide to support WhiteEagle Woman on her Medicine training programmes. In following the words of the Chiefs to ‘Breathe these teachings into the world. It is time and maybe some good will come of this“, she has shared this Ancient Wisdom across Europe and the US.

Her passion is photography – a creative expression of her relationship with Mother Life and this world in which we live. She explores the interweaving of essence-energies that forge each moment and captures this as a moment of magic. Her images tell stories of the dance between the seen and the unseen and her deepest desire is that these ‘moments’ help people reconnect to their thread in this weave. 

When back home in England, Accalia is involved with the charity Swan Support and spends many hours picking up injured swans and transporting them to the treatment centre. She has developed a very intimate relationship with the Swan Nation as evidenced by some of her imagery.

Accalia moves around the planet, being curious about the world and its people, adventures that often lead to the delight of striking up conversations with people to learn more of who they are.

  1. Dearest Accalia, the strength woven with the gentle beauty of your words, is a powerful reminder of the fullness of the void, and I am grateful. As I sit here, allowing and breathing into that void, in silence and stillness (for a change!), you have thrown me a thread to re-connect with the preciousness of so many things. Thank you

  2. Exquisitely beautiful. Exquisitely feminine. Balm for my soul. Thank you.

  3. Dear Accalia, It is wonderful to experience your creativity in words and images. I feel the love and commitment to the journey that you are on. Thank you for the Teaching and looking forward to being together face to face. Love PD

  4. HO!
    Thank you Accalia for taking us on this beautiful journey with your words and images – they reveal, more they let us surmise the unfathomable depth of the void, the sacred feminine imbued with beauty and joy to unravel and sink in.
    With gratitude,

  5. Indeed – You Have Spoken – very well!
    There is a rich texture in all that you have put forth here – like an Angel who know how to make pudding – and it is most Delicious! Thank you.

  6. Thank you for your beautiful words, dear Accalia! They are deeply appreciated. And I am looking forward to more to come 😉 Love, DawnJaguar

  7. Dear Accalia Swan. Feel so blessed to read and hear your words, and see the beauty in all your fotoes. It tuches me deeply, and bring back so many dear and profound memories, of our moments together in turkey and Mexico. I still hold dearly the swan picture you gave me and have now at the latest sundance here in Denmark, changed my name to Swan Warrior. your words made me grow deeper into the understandign of the feminine and masculine. I houner the ligth and beauty in you. Today I will walk to our local lake, where a swan has just reappeared and drum for her, my prayers will go your way and they way of the feminine to grow hand in hand with the masculine. You are blessed dear Accalia Swan <3

    • Thank you, dear Swan Warrior, your name has been heard.

  8. Dearest Sister – what a joy to have been in a co-creative dance with you. You words and images deeply touch me and I feel the breath of Mother Earth on my cheek. She is with us and flows from the deepest calling to be connected and to love the Sacred Dream. Mmmmmm goose bumps or perhaps swan bumps in this moment with you. So much love Ann StarSong

    • Appreciating your support during this creation. And to FireHawk too, whose technical mastery wove it all together into a delight.
      May we all grow together in our understanding of the Dance.

  9. I am deeply touched by your words and images, my crown is tingling and my being feels filled with awe and joy.
    Thank you from my heart.
    Diamond Swan

  10. Thankyou Accalia for your words from the swan people. As pondtender, I send greetings from the koi people. May we swim in harmony together. However we chose to connect to the mother, we root in the web of all life. Thankyou for reminding me to be in the beauty. To be the despacho that heals and renews the divine mother. Love, spy

    • Good morning to the Koi people. Appreciation for the prayer.

  11. Dear Accalia
    I am touched by your poetry and the stunning beauty of your photographs. You remind me of this poem from William Blake (I know, he’s a dude ;-)): ” I know that this world is a world of imagination & vision. I see everything I paint in this world, but everybody does not see alike. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity, by these I shall not regulate my proportions; & some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the person of imagination, nature is imagination itself. As one is so one sees.” You are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gifts. You inspire me to look a deeper. Love, BlackSun

    • I appreciate the poem. We are blessed to be able to share our perspectives so each of us can expand our vision. Love you

  12. I’m moved by the beauty and strength you bring Accalia, thank you. StarCrow

    • We are mirrors for each other.

  13. We have been starved for so long of the real truth of our existence…yet it sit right beneath our eyes…and softly between each breathe…Hence we have long since flown like a one winged bird …The divine feminine…is the other wing of the bird…and together we are awaking…Thank you, Accalia…I hear and feel your words…
    Margaret, White Wolf

    • Thank you. I appreciate the image of the winged ones.


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