Active Wisdom
Composing a Further Life Wisdom Circle

OnEarth Ceremonies to be held in the UK in the Fall of 2017
OnLine course also coming in the Fall.

In 1989 Mary Catherine Bateson published a book called Composing a Life where she explored how women craft a life that is productive and successful when balancing home and work.

In 2011 Bateson published her next exploration of women’s lives in her book Composing a Further Life. In this she proposed a new stage to be added to Erikson’s adult psychosocial development model that she called Active Wisdom’. This new stage sits between the mid-life stage of Generativity and the original eighth stage of Old Age and offers that this arises now because of what is now being called health longevity.

Bateson reports that progression to the new stage of Active Wisdom brings with it time for new freedom and creativity. It also brings with is a search for increased meaning in one’s life, the sharing of expertise gained during their working lives and consideration of legacy one wishes to leave.

We are reaching out to both men women who are seeking to compose the next part of their life and offer a co-creative journey together we are calling the Composing a Further Life Wisdom Circle.


The aim of a Composing a Further Life Wisdom Circle is to provide the opportunity for members to come together to explore this time in their lives and look ahead to next phase of their life journey.

This invitation is open to men and women who are moving into, or are in, the Active Wisdom time of their lives. This is not about age but more about their sensing that they have potential for more joy, more fun and more activities that support their own and others wellbeing.

At the heart of this gathering of people is a celebration of interplay between our spirit, emotion, body and mind with a deep connection to wisdom traditions that naturally support the exploration.

We are planning to offer a series of ceremonies OnEarth in the fall of 2017, we also plan to offer an OnLine version of this exploration later in 2017. Stay tuned for all the details. If you have questions, contact Ann Roberts (StarSong).