Self as Instrument

A two-year training in California.
Dates to be determined soon.

Join Pele Rouge and FireHawk in this intensive two-year training of the Self to become an exquisite instrument in service to Life. This journey is focused upon deep self-knowledge, sacred ceremonial practice and the learning and application of Earth Wisdom to all aspects of our lives. The following video offers an insight into this journey of training in Earth Medicine.

A Learning Journey Within the Context of Your Life 

Each one of us…

  • longs to be vibrantly alive
  • longs to live a meaningful life
  • longs to be seen and valued in the world.

To be an exquisite instrument calls for…

  • the training of the self to be able to walk in wholeness and balance at all times
  • the ability to move in life with respect, gratitude and a lightness of heart
  • a willingness to care for the larger whole (as well as ourselves and our loved ones).

This training is a demanding and life-changing journey with a circle of dedicated travelers. The journey asks each of us to heal and change old patterns that no longer serve us, into new patterns that foster the fulfillment of our highest destiny as a Sacred Human Being.

The intent of the journey is to enable us to walk freely upon the earth, in the full expression of who we are and as one who serves her/his people. This is not a journey for everyone. For 25 years, Pele Rouge and FireHawk have honored their agreement to give back, in their own way, what they received in 8 plus years of apprenticeship. Their lives are dedicated to sharing the wisdom of this ancient branch of Timeless Earth Wisdom.

How do we learn to become an exquisite instrument in service to Life?
It starts with filling out an application and then making a commitment to enter into a two-year journey of learning with a circle of women, in sacred ceremony, both OnEarth and OnLine. Through individual assignments and by working with others in the circle, we will learn to move in new ways within our lives and within the extraordinary times in which we all are living.

We will learn and explore together through ceremonial practices, through sharing the hopes and dreams we carry and by applying the wisdom of the Medicine Wheels to specific situations we are facing in our lives. We notice that opportunities to make a difference are increasing now, in concert with the evolutionary energies of Life.

The Two-Year Journey
The journey begins with a deep exploration of what it is to be a human being from an earth wisdom perspective. As humans, we came with what are called “original instructions” to help guide us in our journey of being human and more deeply understand the role and function of the feminine and the masculine energies within each of us.

We will work with the wisdom of the medicine wheels to provide guidance and a structure for our journey. Our entire journey is a two-year ceremony of learning and growing – individually and as a circle committed to one another’s evolution and wholeness.

There will be four, five-day ceremonies the first year, two eight-day ceremonies and a six-day completion ceremony the second year. All ceremonies, except the final one, will be held at a private retreat center in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California.

In addition, there will be bi-weekly Zoom video conference calls in the time between ceremonies and a private online Lodge for sharing ongoing learning, connection and assignments. Your teachers/guides will also provide individual support during the two-year journey.

The journey will be informed by two primary Medicine Wheels: The Wheel of the Self, which asks the questions: Who am I? What is mine to do? Who are my people? How do I choose to live? and… The Mayan Sacred 20 Count: an ancient map of all of the energies of life in the universe and their relationship to one another.

Throughout the two-year journey, we will delve deeply into Earth Wisdom tools and concepts and the many ways they may be applied in all aspects of our lives.


All training ceremonies except the final one will be held at a private retreat center in the Santa Cruz Mountains, an hour from the San Jose, California Airport and ninety minutes from the San Francisco Airport. Our final ceremony will be held by the ocean.



Year 1 focuses upon:


Foundational concepts

Ceremonial practices

Wheels and Practices
of Earth Wisdom Teachings.

Year 1 explores two questions:

  • “Who am I?”
  • “What is it to be a human from
    an earth wisdom perspective?”
Year 2 focuses upon:

The deepening of our learning so far

The application of the wisdom of medicine wheels and concepts our individual work in the and to everyday life.

Introducing additional medicine wheels relevant to our journey

The Mayan Sacred 20 Count as a relational map of the energies of the universe

Year 2 explores three questions:

  • “What is mine to do?”
  • “Who are my people?”
  • “How do I choose to live?”


Fill out the application form
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Schedule a conversation with Pele and FireHawk to explore the rightness of the journey at this time of your life.

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance no later than three weeks after their doorway ceremony.

Both time and money are important teaching elements in this training journey. 
For those challenged by either time and/or money, we will seek
to assist you in making the shifts necessary to take this journey,
if you find in your heart, that it is yours to do.


PROGRAM TUITION: $9,850 PER YEAR. This fee includes all program activities and recordings. People are responsible for their own travel, food and lodging costs.

PAYMENT PLANS: Participants may pay the tuition in one of three ways: as one lump sum, annually or in monthly increments..

DEPOSIT: A non-refundable deposit of $750 is due at the time of your acceptance into the training.

RETREAT ACCOMMODATIONS: All but one of the retreats will be held at a private retreat center in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California. A variety of room types are available and the room rate includes meals.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AND WORK-STUDY: Information about how to apply for limited  financial assistance follows a conversation with either Pele or FireHawk about the whole journey.

Option 1 – Total Payment
Full payment of two-year tuition at registration
($19,700-5% discount)
Option 2 – Annual Payment
Full payment of first year’s tuition at registration
$9,555/ year
($9,850-3% discount)
Option 3 – Monthly Payments
Payment of tuition in monthly installments
$825/ month
($9,900 per year)

About FireHawk and Pele Rouge


Born in the British Isles, FireHawk came to the US as a very young man – to study and to find his way in the world. He spent his early professional years immersed in theatre arts and large-scale communication projects, using multi-media, emerging computer graphics tools and his burgeoning love of photography (which continues unabated to this day).

He says that meeting his teachers 25 years ago helped him to find something that he had been seeking (without consciously knowing it) his whole life; a real and practical connection to the wisdom and beauty of Mother Earth.

The designs of the Medicine Wheels spoke to him of both very ancient memories as well as the new promise of coming to a healing of our separations from ourselves, from each other and from all of the rest of our more-than-human world.

He and Pele have agreed to pass along this ancient lineage to those who are following behind, thereby keeping alive one of the threads of wisdom that help us to live on our home planet as wise stewards and true partners with Earth.

FireHawk is father of two sons, stepfather of three daughters and one other son, and grandfather to nine grandchildren (and counting!). His blended family is an example of the patience that is required to truly heal our old wounds by choosing listening and love in every situation.

Pele Rouge

Pele Rouge has spent much of her life seeking the Divine. She fell In love with and became a carrier of an ancient body of Earth Wisdom Teachings after completing an eight-year formal apprenticeship with WindEagle and RainbowHawk, co-founders of Ehama Institute, based in New Mexico.

These powerful Earth Wisdom Teachings are designed to foster wholeness and balance within the self and all aspects of life. Working in tandem with her husband FireHawk, she has brought these teachings into a wide variety of individual and organizational settings in the U.S. and Europe.

At the heart of Pele’s passionate journey is her love of co-creating sacred ceremonial space in which people can gather to “do their work.” She is a contributing author to Community Building and author of the children’s story, Never Shout at a Bear.

Pele Rouge is mother of three daughters, stepmother of three sons and grandmother to her many grandchildren. Her large family is of primary importance to her and continues to be a major source of joy, learning and nurturance.

Her journey walk has taken her to more than 50 countries around the world. Her professional background includes service in the Peace Corps, a decade as a Continuing Education Specialist at University of California Extension, Santa Cruz, work as a Certified Financial Planner and as the Senior Context Designer for the International Center for Organization Design.