Seasonal Ceremony  in the U.K.

Our next celebration is the 2019 Winter Dreaming Ceremony

We are dedicated to fostering people’s reconnection with the natural Wisdom of Mother Earth. In order to do this we offer seasonal ceremonies where we invite people to set aside time to explore and restore their own inner balance.

In every ceremony there is time for sitting in silence with yourself and others, for quieting the mind and for time on the land to allow your wisdom and knowing to emerge.

We follow the Solstices and Equinoxes with ceremonies that reflect an ancient rhythm of relationship with the seasons.

In the Winter, we go into the darkness of the Kiva to reflect on the year gone by and to dream awake the seeds for the new year.

In the Spring, we metaphorically plant these dreaming seeds in the garden of our awareness and set the intention to nurture them.

In the Summer, we dance to the Tree of Life in order to dedicate ourselves to give back what we can to Life.

In the Autumn, we begin to harvest what we are learning and offer gratitude for all that we have received in our lives.

2019 DATES

  • U.S. Winter Dreaming Ceremony

    23-27 January 2019

  • U.S. Spring Equinox Ceremony

    9-12 May, 2019
  • U.S. Summer Prayer Dance Ceremony

    19-23 June, 2019
  • U.S. Autumn Equinox Ceremony

    21 September, 2019
  • U.K. Winter Dreaming Ceremony

    18-20 January, 2019
  • U.K. Spring Equinox Ceremony

    23 March, 2019
  • U.K. Summer Prayer Dance Ceremony

    21-23 June, 2019
  • U.K. Autumn Equinox Ceremony

    21 September, 2019

About Us:
The ceremonies are all held under the auspices of Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom which is a US 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fostering and nourishing the re-connection of people with the Wisdom of Mother Earth. Its purpose is to build a co-creative community committed to sharing, applying and evolving the Teachings to make a difference for our World.




For more information about ceremonies in the UK please contact Ann StarSong on and for the USA please contact FireHawk at