Listening and Dancing to the Rhythm of Creation

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My Journey with the Earth Wisdom Teachings
I feel immense appreciation for having crossed paths with WindEagle and RainbowHawk. In 1994, these Keepers of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge offered me a bundle of ancient wisdom that undeniably resonated with my spirit. I chose to pick up the bundle and gathered with these Teachers for several years, in ceremony, remembering together. I sat in many Medicine Wheels, in various locations, with others from around our earth, as we all deepened with these ancient Teachings.

The awareness presented in these ancient Earth Wisdom Teachings was not about “learning” this way of wholeness, rather we are “remembering” our wholeness and our place in the interconnected web of life. That Sacred Humans instinctively know how to live in balanced sacred reciprocity with all life. Humanity has simply forgotten and has been taught otherwise. This felt true to me then and still does today. I have continued to walk this way, doing my best to remember what it is to be a Sacred Human, and what it means to walk the Beauty Way. I cherish my global Medicine Family. I honor them along with my family, friends and many teachers for assisting me to become who I am today.

The Sacred Feminine
Calling the Sacred Feminine is integrally related to how I live my life, how I have created and shared my music for years. My life experience with these Teachings has taught me that listening into the stillness, the creative void, and waiting for action to arise from that well of all potential, brings gifts expanded beyond ego-mind-created music. It is in this way, I allow myself to be an instrument through which Great Spirit speaks. This humbling way of creating music keeps my musical journey alive and vital.

Ever since I left the rock-n-roll business and began playing hammer dulcimer in 1994, I could sense that the music that came through me was much larger than myself. Though I had no training on this instrument, I seemed to have a natural ability to tune into my environment and musically express the energy needed. I honed my abilities playing hammer dulcimer during many transitions in ceremony and at the end of the night in the medicine wheel under the star nation. I often heard how the music I played helped people integrate the teachings and brought them into their heart. I learned to show up fully, remain acutely present, listen deeply and yet get out of the way enough to allow Great Spirit to speak through me.

To this day, I rarely know exactly what will come out when I begin a piece of music. I just sense which instrument to pick up, become the hollow reed and play whatever I feel guided to play. Even when I play songs I have previously recorded on my albums, I allow the unique version that reflects the moment to manifest. It has required cultivating finely tuned listening skills, trusting myself and my intention to be of service to the highest good of all. I have grown to explicitly trust in this process and my heart delights in creating this way. 

I feel that my music and offerings in the world call the Sacred Feminine forward in all of us. The music is an invitation to drop deeply into our beingness and listen to our heart… to our creative center. I believe it is fundamental to BE and to hold open that creative void allowing movement to emerge from this place within us. The balanced Sacred Masculine energy then brings it into form. I have found so much of our training and life programming in the western world is designed to “make things happen” or to “push”, rather than allow them to rise up from our truest creative source.

The feminine energy lives and breathes in each of us…in all life, as does the masculine. Breathing in and Breathing out. Being and Becoming. The Teachings have been foundational in understanding this old way of walking in balance with the self and all life. This delicate balance is a moment to moment dance. The key for me is to balance the feminine and masculine energies within myself whilst living in a society that values making things happen. To be mindful not to push or force things and to remember my brain-mind is not the seat of my creativity. The brain-mind is a great tool to store information, be a record keeper and implement that which has arisen from within our Sacred Feminine well of creativity.

Expanding as a Musician

I am grateful to live and find my inspiration in Mount Shasta, California. I have been sharing my heart through music for 40 years. My musical journey began as a rock-n-roll drummer and my expression has expanded to encompass hammer dulcimer, piano, Native American flute, Japanese Taiko and ceremonial drumming.

I have recorded and produced six albums to date. My first solo CD on the hammer dulcimer came through in 1998. I entitled it Awakening Remembrance. I was clear that the music that organically flowed through me from Great Spirit to all Earth’s children was to assist in Awakening our Remembrance of wholeness. On Spring Equinox of 2000, I began playing Native American flute. In 2004 I released my solo flute CD, entitled Winds of the Heart.

My third CD release, entitled Beyond Words with Will Clipman and AmoChip Dabney, was joyously birthed in 2006. On this album, I played hammer dulcimer, flutes, and drumset accompanied by these 2 consummate musical artists. It was a phenomenal collaboration listening to and dancing with the rhythm of creation as we all brought this music into form. The following is from inside the CD cover.

 “My journey brought me to this timeless place
where we all honor one another
for being exactly who we are…
each of us having a unique voice…
each one valid and beautiful…

As individuals we come together in a circle,
like the lodge poles of the tipi,
becoming stronger by gathering.

Leaning in we call one another forward,
sharing the music of our hearts
and experiencing a sense of wholeness
that feels like coming home”.

Beyond Words was GRAMMY®award nominated for Best New Age Album alongside Enya, Peter Kater, Andreas Vollenweider, and Enigma. It was an honor to be recognized in this fine company and at this level. I felt that Great Spirit brought this into being so this music of Mother Earth that was created in this sacred way could reach a broader global audience.

Being nominated for a GRAMMY®award was indeed an exceptional milestone in my life. However, playing for the natural world throughout my life has equal magnitude. Setting up my hammer dulcimer in Wales at the base of a 5000-year-old Yew tree and serenading it was one of the highlights of my life. Playing flute on a cruise to dolphins and a blue whale off the southern Californian coast on my birthday was awe-inspiring. Communing with and offering the breath through the flute back to the 2000-year-old Redwood trees is expansive. Assisting another in returning home to themselves or making the transition out of their earth body home to the non-physical is a sacred honor. Hearing my CD is played often to support women birthing babies into this world, and at the opposite doorway, to soften the transition for those completing their earth walk feels deeply significant. For me, being of service to All Our Relations in these various ways is a truly satisfying utilization of my Medicine and musical talents I have cultivated.

Answering the Call
Just after my 50th birthday in July 2014, I was guided by Spirit to go out in a 19ft camper van on a “play to our Earth Mother tour”. I was guided to prepare to be away for one to three months that Fall, knew I would be going to the South West and would begin in Escalante, Utah. There were a few other places I was to play during my journey and the rest would be revealed as I traveled along. Great Spirit was now officially my Tour Manager. I was NOT to book any concerts in advance, make camping reservations, have plans or set timings. I would be guided where to play music, was to listen for when I was complete and where to go next. This was a tour where I was to play to our Earth Mother and all her children. Certainly, this would include playing to some humans along the way here and there, but mostly it was to go and love up our Earth Mother.

It was a leap of faith to do the trip with no events booked or guaranteed income. I chose to trust, accepted this call from Spirit, and off I went that September. I played in Escalante, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyonlands, Needles, Mesa Verde, Taos, Santa Fe, Tsankawi ruins and the Village of the Shining Stones in Abiquiu, New Mexico.

I was overwhelmingly touched by what unfolded on my three months Medicine Journey. It was astounding to behold what my tour manager orchestrated for me and how supported I was. My entire trip was extraordinary and life altering! And yes, I have chosen to keep Great Spirit as my full-time Tour Manager. I have compiled images I took of a number of places I serenaded on that trip. I did visit some of my Medicine Family along the way and they were kind enough to capture some photos of me in these powerful locations. I invite you along on this journey set to my flute song Ancient One.


To download a copy of this video, click here.

Evolution of My Work
By Winter Solstice of 2011, it became clear I needed to do some major restructuring internally and externally. After living the previous seven years at full throttle recording, producing, touring, teaching and performing, I needed to stop and listen to the trees. Cradled in the roots of the standing ones, in the Magical Forest where I live, I could unearth what was incongruent in my life and self-correct.  In 2012 I largely stopped touring, only occasionally offered special events and was called to claim my abilities more fully as a musical intuitive healing facilitator. It was time work soul specifically with individuals utilizing my empathic capacity, medicine tools and musical gifts with laser focus.

We can recognize that our physical body is comprised of energy, vibration, sound, and space…it is made from the four daughters of beauty: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Therefore, if we give our bodies a musical harmonic environment that is resonant to its truest elemental source vibration, our body-mind intelligence and highest source self knows what to do with it and has the ability to come back into alignment.

In what I call a Vibrational Alignment session, I co-create a ceremonial space with another. I then allow myself to listen attentively to what Great Spirit guides me to create musically. Utilizing my hammer dulcimer, 16 different flutes, and some percussion, I create music to reflect the authentic vibration of the individual or group I am working with.

After years of playing for larger audiences, I feel fortunate to offer this intimate session work. I have witnessed a wide spectrum of profound transformation in my clients and am grateful to be of service. Knowing energy is boundless and free of geographical limitations, I am able to do sessions with clients around the world over the phone as well as in person. I delight in facilitating a sacred healing environment for someone to step into their empowerment as their own greatest healer!

My Appreciation of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge
During these times of the great change, I feel it is vital to create the time and space to be in the natural world more often! I have experienced that humans gather a great deal of ‘static’ in our physical body from all the technology, cell towers and electromagnetic fields we are surrounded by 24/7. We have a natural resonant frequency with Mother Earth and feeling this frequency helps us clear our energy and remember who we are. It feels imperative to take time to listen to the subtle whispers and clear messages of our Sacred Feminine, act from our heart-mind and support one another. I find there is great power in honoring the Sacred Hoop and living with respect for All Our Relations.

I hold the vision that more humans will avail themselves of these Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge. This body of Timeless Earth Wisdom is always relevant. I give thanks once again for how the Teachings, and my many teachers, have touched my life immeasurably. From my perspective, these ancient ways are practical gifts to be shared and nurtured in present time.

I have compiled images taken from my journey since I began walking with the Teachings and a few images that were contributed by others. These are only some of the many beautiful places and beings to whom I have been fortunate enough to offer my musical prayers. The following slideshow is set to my hammer dulcimer song Summer Soulstice. May you hear, see and feel your magnificence reflected as you watch the immense beauty of the natural world in this slide show.


To download a copy of this video, click here.

I thank my long time dear friends at the Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom for lighting the BeaconFires! I appreciate their invitation to participate and I am grateful to my sisters who have contributed their wisdom jewels to this first basket. I find myself anticipating the upcoming “Calling the Sacred Masculine” basket. It will be a gift to hear from my brothers who have walked with the Teachings as they share their journeys.

My prayer is that sharing my experiences and what I have cultivated in my life to date will touch and inspire you in some way. I offer both of my slideshow downloads as gifts to you with respect and in sacred reciprocity. I recognize each one of us is living our own Sacred Dream of Life and everyone has wisdom to share. I welcome the opportunity to connect with you.

Gentle Thunder is a GRAMMY Award-nominated multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, producer, educator, inspirational speaker, and musical intuitive healing facilitator. She is deeply devoted to being of service to All life and to help humans remember their authentic self where ever she offers her music.

Gentle Thunder has created a “Peaceful Transitions” CD gifting program.

The intention of the program is to put her peaceful flute music in the hands of those who care for our beloveds in transition. Donated copies of my Winds of the Heart CD can soften the transition for those birthing into this world, working with severe health challenges or nearing the end of their life. The music offers support to them, their families and their care providers.

Patrons who resonate with Gentle Thunder’s music and are called to support this program donate money to purchase copies of Gentle Thunder’s Winds of the Heart flute CD. Gentle Thunder then sends those gifts to organizations such as: Babies in Need, Birthing Centers, Hospice Care, Alzheimers Centers, Elder Care Facilities and Trauma Centers etc…. Patrons can specify a care center or Gentle Thunder will send CD bundles to various care centers around the United States. CDs can be sent on behalf of or in memory of a loved one.

Visit Peaceful Transitions to learn more:

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  1. Dearest Gentle One….what words are there to convey the transports of the heart? especially since I come from the realm of music, which is my first language…..thus your magic music indeed opens the doorway to Mystery for me and it entices my Soul to resonate with and be nourished by. I especially appreciate and second the words of Pele, Singing Heart and Wind Eagle above….they speak words, i felt but could not find to write. I had the blessing of receiving a healing session with you in your sacred space in the magical forest. So deep and profound the effect, that, remember, I couldn’t leave for two days. I was blessed to be held in the magic of the resonance and the forest in the lap of Great Shasta….Thank you, I have listened to the recording several times, which I feel has helped me to integrate and remember deeply; and for this there really are no words….
    Love the Transitions service….Love you dearly,
    ps I am definitely late to the party as has been said above….but that which comes late, goes deep….

  2. Dearest Gentle Thunder… I am coming to your share a little late for the party but with such appreciation for the profound beauty and realignment that flows through your musical gifts. It’s a joy to read, see and hear your story and feel the integrity with which you live from a deep embodiment of the Sacred Feminine in your life. Thank you deeply for all you have given to Mother Life through your heart full commitment to your Sacred Dream. It’s an honour to walk this path with you Sister. Much love! Joey FireFlower ?

  3. Much appreciation to you beloved Gentle Thunder, for the sharing of your profound dance. In the tapestry of your story, woven with the threads of your heartfelt words, healing sound vibrations and uplifting images, you’ve taken us along with you on your journey, reminding us to listen deeply and to walk in sacred harmony and reciprocity. I’m so touched by the Peaceful Transitions program you’ve birthed into creation to assist beloveds in transition and their care providers. Blessings on the continued unfolding of your gifts and love offerings. May the notes that flow through you from Spirit weave their way through the hearts and spirits of those who are called and ready to receive. With love and gratitude,

  4. Dearest GT,
    The gift of your music in the many, many Earth Wisdom Ceremonies – be they those of the 13 Grandmothers or The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge – is magical and profound. Music loosens the hold of “reality” that is bounded by space and time and can take us into those timeless realms beyond time and space where healing occurs and where we remember our oneness with all. Rumi spoke of the intention to be a flute on the lips of God. Your journey, with the music that flows into and through you reminds me over and over again of those words. Thank you dear Sister.

  5. Dearest GT,
    The gift of your music in the many, many Earth Wisdom Ceremonies – be they those of the 13 Grandmothers or The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge – is magical and profound. Music loosens the hold of “reality” that is bounded by space and time and can take us into those timeless realms beyond time and space where healing occurs and where we remember our oneness with all. Rumi spoke of the intention to be a flute on the lips of God. Your journey, with the music that flows into and through you reminds me over and over again of those words. Thank you dear Sister.

  6. Dearest GentleThunder,

    What a beautiful, inspiring journey song you share with us here. My being was nourished with a peaceful, warm feeling as I read through the story, vicariously visited the places in your pictures and heard the healing sounds of your instruments.

    Something I remember from hearing you play in person, is how sound can be visually perceived, as well as heard. When you play your flute to an audience, to me, it looks like each breath you exhale on your flute turns into a light strand that playfully extends to different members of the audience and ends up creating a beautiful, colorful web of connection.

    I feel so blessed to have experienced the magic of your being and am in deep appreciation of the place you find yourself in at this juncture of your road.

    With deep Love,
    Singing Heart

  7. Gentle Thunder … your music is magical. Listening brought me to a place within myself that rarely feels so immense. No words. Simply gratitude.

  8. Dear GT,
    Sometimes in our lives, we meet another GT. My first GT was GT Marsh, who was a teenager when he took me fishing for the first time of my life in Stinson Beach. My sister and all my girl cousins were in love with him. Just before i met you, I read about GT’s grandfather who had a lot to do with bringing the art of the samurai to the west. And then, from Debra, I heard about another GT who she madly loved. So after the solstice, I stopped at a bookstore in Santa Cruz and ran into Starfire who told me you were playing next door and Shimmering Wolf was there handling the light. That was an amazing concert as were the others Lightning Dove and I attended. We were blessed with a visit to our House of Earth and Light prior to your Journey across the country and you played a concert in our medicine wheel. Thank you for sharing your journey on the mother with us. I know you play for the grandmothers and all the sacred beings on planet earth. Thank you for being a channel for the ancestors to manifest their music in this time and sacred space. love, spy

  9. Dearest GentleThunder. I felt my spirit flying high, reading your story, it made me become still and listening. Your music and picture lifted my spirit and my yearning, and my calling in my music and my playing on the drum. Thank you dear. Love ligth and laugther. SwanWarrior. Flying bye from Denmark.

  10. Dearest Gentle Thunder,

    Your gentle thunder is making space in in the hearts of many to find their true healing by entering the doorway to the Mystery. How extraordinary your gifts are… as they come through you to the land, to the plants, animals and all of life, not to mention the people.

    Thank you for your deep listening in your life to be able to play in service of the dance of balance… healing and the journey to self.
    May this continue… you and all you carry… such a gift!


  11. Really enjoyed reading this again and seeing it out in the world – thank you for sharing your wonderful journey and love listening to your music xxx

  12. Dear GT

    I am so appreciative of the way you have captured your medicine journey. I can imagine you in all these beautiful places bringing your loving and healing energy to the Mother Earth.

    I remember all of our times together face to face on both sides of the ‘Pond’ and love what I have learnt from you in so many ways. Your music is such a powerful way of connecting and remembering when we are together and also when we can’t be together face to face.

    With love and gratitude PD

  13. Dearest Gentle Thunder – what a joy to journey with you. I can remember so well the very first time I heard you play. Lying in the dark at WindTree as you serenaded our meditation. Mmmmm I was deeply touched by the beauty of you playing as Spirt came through you. To hear about you journey and dedication to the healing of others through you music is truly inspirational. A bow of gratitude and appreciation. So much love StarSong


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