KIVA DREAMING TIME – An Invitation to Explore

In the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge tradition, the 4 moons from November to February are called Kiva Moons. This is a time for us to dream awake the seeds that we wish to plant in our life’s garden come the Spring. To honor this season, we want to invite you to join us in dreaming about what Earth is asking of us now.

But first, we want to thank you for subscribing to Beacon Fires, a Journal of stories from the world of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge. It has been a remarkable journey for us to co-create Beacon Fires and we deeply appreciate each of our Medicine Women who contributed to our first basket of stories ‘Calling the Sacred Feminine‘. 

As we enter the four Kiva Dreaming Moons, we wanted to pause and reflect on our Beacon Fires experience and to this end, we have created the three videos below. The first one celebrates  personal learning that we have gained from the Beacon Fires journey so far. The second brings forward the Sacred Purpose of Beacon Fires Journal as one clear step on our path of sharing, applying and evolving the Origin Teachings for the generations that are coming after us. In the last video, we wished to acknowledge the opening that we sense about this Kiva time and to invite you to journey with us for the next four moons in a shared sacred community space of Dreaming in the Digital Realm.  

Click on the buttons below to view the videos.

As subscribers, we  invite you to meet with us online in January, February, and early March to explore our individual and collective dreams for this time in our lives and for the world. These calls will be designed to “hear all our voices” and to foster us telling each other about our dreams in small groups.

In order to participate, you need to register to receive access to the call.  Click on your preferred call(s) below to register. Upon registering, we will send you the information about the call and a couple of things to reflect about before we come together online.

You can register for one, two or all three calls by clicking the buttons below – you must complete each registration separately to gain access to the calls.

Please enter your dreams, questions, ideas, and inspirations
about this year’s Kiva Dreaming Time below.

Here are some questions to stimulate your writing…

What is the dream that is calling you now?

What dream have you held in exile?

What dream of yours do you want to give to someone you love?

What dream, if you manifested it, would set you free?

  1. In this final month of Kiva Dreaming, we want to focus our attention on the twin energies of “Yielding” and “Surrender”; neither of which has anything to do with giving up!

    What can I yield to this month that will open me to the call of the future in my life?

    What shall I leave behind as I move toward the bursting forth energy of Spring?

  2. We are going to pick up some pets. I take a few paper shopping bags to bring the pets back. When we get to the shore, the pets are a fully tusked walrus, some seals and an otter. I wonder how am I going to get a walrus into a paper bag?!?!
    This is the dream.

  3. My question for this day – is how can I dream into a deeper manifestation of a dream that has come true? – the birthing of the BeaconFires journal and Community. I am opening my heart to expansion and connection and sustaining this seedling into it’s fullness. I love the word conspiracy – breathing together. Seeking conspirators LOL Yes!

  4. I love that the play is “radical and sustained!”
    Those are two adjectives that I rarely saw together and never in relation to playing.

    FireHawk, would you gift us with sharing what radicalness mean to you in this context?

    with engaged curiosity,


    • Thanks for asking LightWeaver. I mean unbounded, transformative and far-reaching play – the kind of play that blows your mind and sends tingles of delight up your spine :-)).

      I notice that I also like to use radical with the word trust.

      With love,


  5. The dream that seems to be calling me could best be described as radical and sustained co-creative play. I think we each have unique and profound gifts to give back to Life. Perhaps our dreams can show us more about exactly how we might manifest these gifts in a supportive relationship with each other. I am honored to dream with you…



    • Yes! “Perhaps our dreams can show us more about exactly how we might manifest these gifts in a supportive relationship with each other.” My dream for the world, radically playful to dream of starting now with our medicine family.


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