KIVA DREAMING TIME – 2019/2020 – An Invitation to Explore

In the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge tradition, the 4 moons from November to February are called Kiva Moons. This is a time for us to dream awake the seeds that we wish to plant in our life’s garden come the Spring. To honor this season, we want to invite you to join us in dreaming about what Earth is asking of us now.

We  invite you to meet with us online in January and February to explore our individual and collective dreams for this time in our lives and for the world. These calls will be designed to “hear all our voices” and to foster us telling each other about our dreams in small groups.

In order to participate, you need to register to receive access to the call.  Click on your preferred call(s) below to register. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED THROUGH OUR E-MAILINGS, YOU ARE ALL SET – NOTHING ELSE IS REQUIRED OF YOU.

Upon registering, we will send you the information about the call.

You can register for one or both of the calls by clicking the buttons below.
You must complete each registration separately to gain access to the calls.

Video from our December 14th Kiva Dreaming Call

To watch a specific segment of the call, use the timeline below
and move the playhead to the approximate time:

Welcome & Introduction
Begin to 04:35
Stringing Our Beads: Present Condition
04:35 to 20:55
Visual & Silent Meditation
20:55 to 30:06
Kiva Time and Spaciousness
30:06 to 44:53
Triad Set-Up
44:53 to 49:19
Harvesting Spaciousness
49:19 to 01:12:55
Closing Thoughts & Live With
01:12:55 to End

Please enter your dreams, questions, ideas, and inspirations
about this year’s Kiva Dreaming Time below.

Here are some questions to stimulate your writing…

What one area of your life needs more spaciousness?
What might be needed to create spaciousness in this aspect of your daily life?

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  1. I am FireHawk. This winter I am experimenting with three areas of spaciousness in my life.

    First, allowing for all aspects of morning practice – meditation, hot tub prayer practice, walking in and with the forest and eating breakfast slowly. This means pushing back morning calls until after 9:30 or 10:00 AM.

    Second, I’m scheduling time with myself and my beloved Pele to co-create our vision for the next five years of our lives. Rather than grabbing hold of the first pretty words that come along 🙂 we are both starting with archetypal and mythological images of ourselves and allowing language to be inspired by those images.

    And third, returning to a pattern from earlier in the year of being with my granddaughters one night a week.


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