Embracing The Dance of Creation

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My ceremonial name is StarWalker. I am also Birgitte, I was born and live in Denmark, and I am an actress, singer, author and teacher! You could say that my doorway into life is art and poetry in many forms, and the dance between the masculine and feminine in my work and life has become a more and more natural way of working and being.

Last year I published a book called “Det du favner” (Danish).  I translate it as “Embracing” as the direct translation can mean “What you embrace”, however when I looked the translation up in an English dictionary it said, “It embraces you”. I think it’s funny that I express it as a movement where I embrace, but when I translate the word into English then I am embraced. “Embracing” involves two, and I find this so relevant to the subject I’m now looking into, namely the balance between the masculine and the feminine, the give and take, the stillness and action. Both polarities are needed for the perfect breathing of life, the inhaling and the exhaling.

The frame of my book is a Vision Quest in New Mexico, where I contemplate and travel back and forth in my life; a life that is filled with creativity, spirituality, daily life challenges and with thoughts of how to dance with it all and allow it all to unfold.

In my book, I explore how I have gained a greater understanding that as human beings we are co-creators of our reality in every moment. Every thought, every word, every action is a walking prayer of who we are, what we are and where we are in our lives. We all have a yearning to live, to breathe, to express, to experience and to become more realized as Sacred Humans. Since all that each of us contains is held and exists in the collective ocean of creation, I hope that the book will inspire others to embrace life, and its many opportunities, in their own unique way.

I believe that we have a longing to feel the connectedness. We want to lean into the bigger dream of creation by aligning and making our visions blossom and grow with one another. Being part of the Great Everything, with a sense of belonging, enables us to be and to become what we long for as part of the dance of this life. It is this dance of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine that weaves through my life.

I would like to share a little of how the Earth Wisdom Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, often called The Medicine, came into my life and how they have unfolded in Denmark. It has been a delightful and remarkable journey. I first encountered The Teachings when a good friend and colleague, Terese StandingTall, visited England with her husband Tom, to participate in a weekend ‘ceremony’ with WindEagle and RainbowHawk.  StandingTall was so thrilled with what she encountered that she asked the Teachers to come to Denmark and teach here. StandingTall possesses a good deal of determination and stamina, and by 2001 she had organized a number of ceremonies with The Teachers. So the adventure of Denmark embracing the Teachings began!

Such was the success of these gatherings that in 2002 we started the first Danish Council Guide Training (CGT) with 24 participants from Denmark, Scotland, England and Germany. As well as the face-to-face ceremony time with the Teachers, the important web of communication in-between the ceremonies, with assignments and questions, were held by our well-trained guides from Scotland, StarSong & PrairieDancer. Our assistants were FireFlower & John from England and Sabine FireEagle from Germany.

Since 2002, seven CGT’s have now taken place in Denmark. During this time WhiteEagleWoman took over leading this training, and this has progressed to there being a group of us trained to hold the CGT teaching here. Around 150 people have taken the CGT in Denmark. Our path didn’t stop with CGT, a number of us from Denmark have continued with our Medicine journey, with other ceremonial trainings including Black Lodge, the annual Sundance gathering and the holding of the Rainbow Lodge.

I’ve been working with spiritual development most of my life, so many of the things that I heard during the training with WindEagle, RainbowHawk and WhiteEagle were not entirely new to me. The big difference, however, was the way it connected to my daily life; I felt more able to align and open to the flow of sustainability and synchronicity. The feminine way of listening is listening to the whole: listening to the words, the movements, the patterns and listening to the space between them. When we attune to this spaciousness time expands: we align with the universal truth and move into an authentic sense of flow and synchronicity appears.

One of the things I’ve taken into my way of teaching is the richness of taking time to learn through many practices, meditation, playing, exploring, dressing up, acting, singing, building structures and ceremonial claiming of our power under the stars, by the ocean etc.. Throwing ourselves into the Teachings like children, but with the consciousness of the grown-up, knowing that these experiences lead to expanded self-awareness and self-knowledge. Bringing a sense of effortless effort that is so different to the way modern society has turned creativity into a matter of speedy actions, with very little understanding of the universal laws of connectedness. This lack of appreciation is often combined with not engaging with the Sacred Feminine, which means right timing is not given the attention needed to achieve a balanced and sustainable way of manifesting.

When I look at my journey of balancing the feminine and the masculine, I can see that there are some peak points where I had clear and important insights. I would like to share a few of them.

The training in the Earth Wisdom Medicine has been essential for the way I’ve opened my perspective about being a woman, and a human being, in this world. RainbowHawk and WindEagle held a Sacred Pipe ceremony with us during our CGT training. They explained how the bowl of the pipe represents the feminine aspect and the stem represents the masculine and when the two are connected, it creates the perfect balance for the smoke of our Sacred Dreams to flow out into manifestation. I remember how after the Pipe Ceremony I felt a complete and huge connection with Everything in a way that I had never experienced before. I felt that I belonged in this Universe, that I was part of this Greatness and not separated from it. I was whole. It was a profound and life-changing experience.

My first Vision Quest (VQ) was held on WindEagle & RainbowHawk’s land in New Mexico. The second one was in Denmark, and I decided to work with my balance between the masculine and the feminine. It was WindEagle who chose my spot on the land. It wasn’t a place I would have chosen myself – yet it was perfect! My space was filled with big oak trees, there was almost no sun coming through the green leaves, and I could look down at a lake at a distance. It was like entering a nature womb, and very soon I realized that my feminine side was calling me strongly for healing.


The trees became my friends. I felt held by the love and trust as they included me in their network roots of whispering wisdom. As the roots of the trees are connected, I could feel how I as a woman am connected to all women through time and space. A collective consciousness of all that has been and is right now in the feminine field. I felt the pain, the hurt, the sorrow and the grief and my tears were like the rains that bring fertility and new life. I hold this vision that the healing work each of us does brings healing to everyone because our roots are connected as a web of light. We don’t have to take our past into the future. By healing old wounds and by aligning to the core light of the now, we can build a future on fresh new energy and leave the past in the past.

I also felt the power, the passion and the vitality of my life and as the trees embraced me with their unconditional loving embrace, I stepped forward to embrace my life, and my womanhood, with gratitude and courage.

Another experience for me was when a small group of us were training to teach CGT with WhiteEagleWomen. On her land in New Mexico, we each chose a personal issue to work with. I decided to look into my relationship with my mother and father to clear any out-of-balance masculine and feminine energy coming to me from my lineage. It was a very powerful ceremony, where I let go of the Victim, the Judge and other twisted stories in my belief system that resulted from my ancestor line. I took the gifts from my mother and my father that were useful and life-giving and everything else I let fly away on ceremonial wings.

These different ceremonies have helped me in my search for balance and wholeness in myself. Today I am very conscious of the stories we tell about ourselves as humans. Do our stories support wholeness or do they support separation? There has, over the last few centuries, been a patriarchal power structure in society that suppresses the feminine and seeks to rule by fear. That doesn’t serve men or women, and it certainly doesn’t serve the upbringing and growth of our children. 

The feminine is represented by the dark, whereas the masculine is the light and some of the stories hold a view of the darkness as the home of evil. In these stories, the dark hides shady actions and the alternative view of how the dark nurtures us by providing renewing and healing sleep isn’t as exciting as the big drama of fear. Everything is as it is – it is how we interpret it or use it that makes the difference. No light without darkness – no darkness without light, it’s all one.

We are now in this time experiencing the consequences of a distorted masculine way of creating. A way where we have been demanding and forcing creation into being without listening to the feminine potential. When we invent like this, we create without regard for the environment, and the result is pollution and disharmony.

Whereas the creation where the mature masculine energy uses its ability to listen deeply to when the potential in the feminine is ready to give birth, and then to act on it, creates the perfect timing and right action. This results in sustainability that can last for many generations.

Cause and effect are becoming more evident these days with climate change and other challenges, and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming to try to deal with it all. What can one person do in this big world? How can we dream of a beautiful world for ourselves and each other – does it make sense?

I believe it does and that each step we take – the learning and the growing – matters. I believe that it is essential to share our knowledge and wisdom in teaching, in the way we act and in the stories we tell. Embracing the wisdom and voice of Earth is vital to this.

As an actor, over the years I have been involved in lots of original drama, and that is very much a process where you practice co-creation and invent along the way. You have to listen, explore and allow the “not perfect” to be expressed. With newly created drama it can go many ways; you can’t predict the outcome and you have to trust that by doing your best day by day, it will eventually make sense. In that way, it isn’t very different from how it is to live and act in the big theatre of our life. What I know is that when we honor the balanced dance between the masculine and the feminine it makes creation fun, vital and beautiful. I think that is worth embracing.

I have recorded one of my favorite songs to complete this exploration of my journey as a Sacred Women. It is “Eagle when she flies” by Dolly Parton. It is from my perspective a song that honors woman, and I love it.


Birgitte Raaberg, whose medicine name is StarWalker, has acted in more than 50 theatre plays and musicals in Denmark as well as worked in both movies and television. She was a consumer program host on Danish TV and is a sought-after speaker. She also does cartoon film dubbing and is a gifted coach and teacher – in Communication, Drama and Earth Wisdom. The medicine training, with its way of being in this world, runs through everything she does.

She is, together with other Medicine Teachers, training people in CGT in Denmark and in April 2019 the group is launching a new one year program called Walkers by Choice – A journey of personal development.

Then in September 2019 another one year program is to be launched called: High Five– Life growing Leadership.It’s applicable for all levels and forms of leadership from top management to project and team Leaders, consultants, teachers and the self-employed. It is also for people who want to work with the understandings of wholeness, seven generation thinking, informed decision-making and sustainability.

Birgitte says: It’s so exciting to combine all the beautiful Medicine Training with the skills of modern ways of strategic communication, journalism and the acting skills of presence, presentation and power.

Contact: b@raaberg.com   www.Birgitte-Raaberg.dk

For additional info on Walkers by Choice or High Five please contact: Sascha Amarasinha – www.respond.dk

  1. As warm and hearty as I remember you, a pleasure to hear your singing! x Standing Woman

  2. Dear StarWalker,
    When i hear the words of the sacred feminine, I feel as if I know you and have met you. I feel like I’m with my lovers, sisters, and mothers. My mom went back to work before I was a year old. So thank you for your sweet lullaby. It would be nice to hear Willie and Dolly do a duet along the lines of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine. Love, Spyrock Pondtender

  3. Dearest StarWalker
    It is wonderful to feel your power and your commitment to the Teachings expressed through the story of your journey.

    It is wonderful to have shared part of that journey with you and your sharing brings back so many happy memories. All of my CGT memories are special but we did have such fun and laughter, as well as deep learning, with the first Danish CGT with its many able Actors and Singers. Robe enactments have never been so professionally presented!

    I send you my love and thanks for your part in the Great Everything, PrairieDancer

  4. Dear StarWalker.
    It has been a joy to be in a co-creative dance with you to bring your Love and Wisdom to the people. I delight in how the birds are singing with you and how the sunshine just radiates from your smile. The Medicine in Denmark shines so brightly from your words. Thank you from your StarSister.
    Ann StarSongMMmmmmmmmm.

  5. Dearest StarWalker,
    Your path, you share so richly with us, inspires, calls and lifts the heart. I love how you have woven your story with your learning journey, your offerings into the world and what is happening in the world… all through the lens of the feminine and masculine dance of creation.,,, and all a part of the Great Everything as you say. Thank you for singing this beautiful portrait of who we are as women… and thank you for touching our hearts and souls.


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