I was given this orchid plant in April when I retired as Chair of Fathers Network Scotland.  I thought it had died but I have nurtured it over the last few months and even given it a weekly dose of Restore which awakens the natural intelligence of soil bacteria.  i have watched with joy as it recently began to bud and this morning I came into the lounge to see the buds fully opened. Wow!

Recently FireHawk and I have been playing with new Medicine Wheels for our work at the Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom and one offer what we call commands from Mother Earth for our personal development.  As I looked at the orchid today the command ‘Embody the Beauty of my Designs in your Life’ was really present for me.   I see the beauty of the Orchid, her symmetry and the vibrancy & gentleness of the colours.  There is also s deep sense of benevolence as the plant shares her glory with no ego, not have too, just an unbridled passion to be alive.

I just felt happy to be in the presence of the very essence of giving fully of oneself to life and felt this command was one I could easily sing up too Mmmmmm