Walking With An Earth Wisdom Guide
Attuning to Your Sacred Purpose

We humans were never meant to walk our life’s path without the support and care of others. We are tribal people at heart.

Ann StarSong and FireHawk have studied and applied the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge to their own lives, to the lives of their children and grandchildren and to every work situation they have encountered for the last 20+ years.

Walking with an Earth Wisdom guide as you navigate the waters of your own life is an age-old tradition and affirms the deep connection we have to one another and to our Earth Home.

If you are curious about this service, contact us below and consider booking an Earth Wisdom day with FireHawk in the forested lands around his home in Northern California, USA OR an Earth Wisdom day with Ann StarSong close to the ocean around her home in Dunbar, Scotland, UK. You can also book shorter or recurring times with them using the Zoom interface, where we can see and hear one another as well as share images, videos and audios easily, no matter where in the world we are.

We’ve asked ourselves four questions about this service and have gathered together our answers into four baskets – the whothe whatthe offer and the gifts from embarking on this type of journey.

Who is the Earth Wisdom
Guiding Service for?

  • If you want to improve your performance at work through more self- knowledge and intuitive insight
  • If you are seeking more balance in your work and personal life
  • If you enjoy what you do and want to be better at it
  • If you feel you have untapped potential to be more successful and happier in your life
  • If you are at a cross roads in your life or career and wish to explore your way forward
  • If you are feeling under pressure and would like to explore new ways to respond

What does the Earth Wisdom
Guiding Service Offer?

  • Expanding your imagination to create fresh and engaging life options
  • Maintaining a powerful, calm presence in any situation
  • Listening and responding with emotional balance and flexibility
  • Building a strong sense of purpose and direction
  • Caring for yourself as the foundation for caring for others
  • Seeing and learning from the patterns and interconnections in life
  • Acting courageously from clear understanding of the choices open to you
  • Staying agile to perceive and change stuck energy

What happens during an Earth Wisdom
Guiding Support Programme? 

  • We listen to the issues and challenges in your life and help you clarify what is needed.
  • We offer guided enquiry into what is revealed using our Origin Teachings tools, practices and protocols.
  • We walk alongside you, as a buddy, to explore the challenges and opportunities of you life.
  • We help you to create Sacred Space within your life to enable you to touch into the Wisdom of Earth.
  • We support you to craft actions that move you forward to your desired future.

What are the Benefits of an Earth
Wisdom Guiding Programme?

  •  Increased foresight and decision making abilities
  • Sustained concentration and enthusiasm
  • Handling challenging situations calmly and decisively
  • Increased stature and presence
  • Meaningful and honest communication with others
  • Responding creatively to change
  • Taking responsibility for realising their vision
  • Flexibility to use our emotions as a source of energy and information
  • A sense of being grounded and purposeful and being able to remove limiting mind sets
The journey begins with a conversation.

You can reach Ann StarSong here and you can reach FireHawk here.