David Kell

David Kell (PrairieDancer)

My journey parallels Ann StarSong who is my wife and soulmate. 1996 was also my first introduction to the Teachings at Balquidder, Scotland. The following two years I was part of a circle of people who supported the Ehama ‘tribe’ returning to the UK. I was gifted to be part of the first CGT programme and then took time to further deepen with the Teachings by living and travelling with RainbowHawk and WindEagle. I was a guide on CGT programmes and ceremonies in USA, UK, Germany and Denmark.

My work in large organisations as a Production Director brought me to the Teachings. Responsible for implementing complex change strategies, I had identified the importance of delayered structures, team and personal development. Exploring different personal development opportunities and through my interest in Quantum Physics, I was first introduced to indigenous teachings. When I found the Ehama Teachers, I knew they were the ones to deepen with, I have never regretted that choice.

Experiencing many ceremonies and Vision Quests I have seen who I really am and that my life journey has been to learn about Love, and through my part in Conscious Grandparenting the flow of love across the generations.

Becoming a Grandparent later in life, I decided to research Conscious Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle to support my ‘being around’ with the children for many years to come. As part of my give-back to Life,

I decided to support organisations that are committed to supporting Diversity of Life, Nutrition & Healing and The Origin Teachings. To this end, I became an Associate of the Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom to support breathing the Teachings into the World. Having been part of many learning communities, I hold a dream of us all coming together as conscious community to support the Teachings.