Building Medicine Wheels

Calling the Sacred Masculine
Building Medicine Wheels

RainbowHawk and WindEagle walked side by side down the narrow track which led from the village of the Shining Stones to the new Medicine Wheel. Twenty-eight of us walked in silence behind them. Our procession was overlooked by the black, flat-topped flint mesa “Cerro Pedernal” in northern New Mexico which Georgia O’Keeffe painted so many times. “God said I could have it if I painted it enough.” O’Keeffe said.

The silence enabled me to feel more fully the clear freshness of high desert in the early morning. The narrow track opened out to a wide flat circle delineated by sixteen standing stones set in pairs to denote the eight doorways of the Medicine Wheel. The stones were clean, the sand inside the wheel was flat and hard-packed. It had been recently swept, there were no footsteps in the sand. Here in the high desert of New Mexico was a natural altar like the Zen gardens of Kyoto.

In single file, we walked around the perimeter of the wheel until we formed a human circle under the eight different coloured flags fluttering in the light breeze.

“This is an ancient symbol of man’s relationship to the Universe” said RainbowHawk. “When the Sacred Humans moved from one place to another, they would build this symbol of remembrance, this reminder that we are all related, that we are all part of the oneness”

Bowing and saying “All my Relations” this little man with the huge fists of a featherweight boxer stepped into the wheel. He gave an offering of tobacco to the fire that burned brightly in the middle and then turned to look around the circle of us standing outside.

“Yet this wheel is more than a symbol, it is an energetic focus so that when Sacred Humans gather to connect to all their relations, the energy goes down into Grandmother Earth” and he crouched down with his palms on the earth, “and up to Grandfather Sky”. His hands met at his heart in the namaste position and then slowly moved up and opened above his head.

“It is a messenger to the Ancestor Spirits asking for their support. It is a lens in the way that it focuses the universal energy into the wheel. It is a portal, a gateway into the Delicate Lodge”

RainbowHawk and his soul twin, WindEagle had moved to this piece of desert in Hawk’s early eighties. They were still living in a trailer whilst their Hogan was being completed. But what was the first thing they had done when they arrived at this empty piece of desert overlooking a steep-sided ravine? It was to build a Medicine Wheel. These Medicine Teachers modeled what they talked about.

At this time, in the mid-noughties, I had been a student of Earth Wisdom for about ten years. I had co-founded a creativity consultancy in 2000 which was based on a practice we had developed that integrated earth wisdom and constellations with organisational development. Our work became increasingly successful and increasingly global because we were able to help people and organisations gain breakthrough insights that they could not access in other ways. The essence of this practice was to integrate the rational with the intuitive, the explicit with the implicate, the visible with the invisible. We used the medicine wheel as a way of helping people to navigate the unknown.

In 2008, my business partner Nick Udall and I published a book summarising the practice, “the Way of nowhere”. The book was based on eight questions one for each of the directions of the wheel.

Over the next couple of years, a few people from different places in the world wrote to us saying something like, “there is something about the practice you outline that really speaks to me but I don’t know why. I want to learn more about it and I want to experiment with it in my own life and work but I need more help to do so”.

In 2010, I did what I thought was a vision quest with RainbowHawk and WindEagle but which turned out to be a transition ceremony into the first phase of my elderhood. As a result of this, I resigned as MD of the consultancy and with some friends from the Ehama community, Michael Two Eyes, StarSong, and Prairie Dancer we designed and ran a developmental program based on the book. I ran these programs in Vienna, Shanghai, Bogata, Buenos Aries, and San Paulo and on our own land in the UK. Each program began with people building their own wheel which then became the ceremonial centre of the work.

In 2011, WindEagle and RainbowHawk visited us at our home in Derbyshire and we took them onto the land we had bought near our house.

“Should we build a Medicine Wheel here?” I asked.

“If you are going to use the wheel for Sacred Humans to meet in community then it is a Medicine Wheel, if not it is a pile of stones,” said RainbowHawk.

“Will you help us call in the energies, sing the songs and say the prayers?” I asked

“If you commit to it, we will help. But it is a commitment, we are not interested in helping you make a pile of stones”

Over the next year, we found the stones, transported them to the land, used fengshui to ascertain where to put them and stayed close to our teachers using their guidance in how to build it, where to place the crystals and what prayers to say in each direction. Hawk was giving us this guidance as he was preparing to pass on to the next round. Our first ceremony in the wheel at the land was a celebration of his life.

We, and the community that has gathered around this wheel, have held ceremony every Solstice and Equinox since then and hold annual medicine gatherings.

In each of the countries where we shared the Medicine based organisational practice small groups of practitioners began working together to apply the practice as leaders, change agents and consultants.

In Vienna, for example, we ran the program at a lovely hotel in the countryside. The owners, Josef and Ute, came on the program and asked if they could build a Medicine Wheel in the grounds of the hotel. We walked around the grounds together but we could not find a suitable place. We were just beginning to give up when Josef pointed to a woodland which was separated from the hotel by a field.

“We own that woodland too but we don’t use it” Josef said.

We walked across the field and into the woods. In the middle of the woods was a small clearing exactly the right size for a wheel. We all stopped, looked up at the clear sky framed by the trees in the clearing and knew it was the right place. They built a wheel there which has been used for ceremony ever since.

It was strange to be teaching a creativity practice based on the earth wisdom of the Native American to people in China. But what was even more strange was the enthusiasm and alacrity with which it was adopted. “Bah queue s” mandarin for the eight questions became the basis for the co-creative approaches which propelled Allibaba into the stratosphere.

We would give them the instructions on how to build a wheel and watch as some people vied with each other to lead the process whilst most others stepped back and waited to be told what to do. When the wheel was built we would teach them Tslagi (which they learned faster than any other country I have ever taught it) then we would ask them to reflect on the dynamics of leadership and followership in the building of it. You could see the lights of insight going on immediately and then they yearned for an alternative way based on interconnectedness.

One of our team in China, Ada, decided, with her husband Tony (many Chinese people have western names as well as their Chinese names) to build a retreat centre just outside Shanghai. We built a wheel there overlooking a lake. After a couple of years, Ada and Tony decided to step back from commercial work and devote themselves entirely to Tibetan Buddhism. I wonder if they still use the wheel, I hope so!

Over the last few years, we have been very influenced by the wisdom practices of Brazil particularly in the way that Brazilian people accept the disincarnate spirit world as an everyday living reality. Because of our friends Jose and Cristina, we have been shown how to connect directly to that world. So we now have channeled spirit guides who advise us what is wanted of us. We call them the NEDBODS – the Non-Executive Disembodied Board Of Directors!

But the learning has been two ways. As well as being leading constellations and business consultants in San Paulo, Jose and Cristina have a retreat centre in the countryside based on a 17th-century farmhouse. An ancient pilgrimage path goes through the land and when a pilgrim walks through the farm they ring a bell to tell the world, both seen and unseen, that they are on a sacred journey.

The retreat centre has an area devoted to the sacred symbols of different traditions: a small Catholic chapel, Gyan chauper, the original Hindu version of snakes and ladders, a labyrinth, and a Celtic stone circle.

Three years ago, we ran our current program, The Realms, at their retreat centre, built a wheel and showed Jose and Cristina how to use the wheel for ceremony. Like us on the land, they now use it to run the Realms program four times a year.

As I sit here writing about the wheels that we have built, I see them, I feel them, I recognize them as portals of energy. I honour the wheels in California and New Mexico where I first experienced the power of ceremony held in the sacred space of the Medicine Wheel.

I see and feel the energy of the wheels I have built around the world and the Sacred Humans who practice there. We are interconnected with All our Relations. 

I’m left with the question…

How can we connect these portals to build the quality of consciousness that we need at this time?

Nic Turner (a.k.a CrowCrown Rabbit) has developed a personal and organisational transformation process that has influenced some of the world’s leading Creativity Consultancies:

Fieldwork (UK),
nowhere (UK),
Dwarves and Giants (Austria),
P2 (China),
Corall (Brazil).

OD Director of the Boots Group, Co-founder of nowhere and Fieldwork, author, therapist, speaker, facilitator, he has worked with some of the world’s most influential and transformative leaders.

He has been harnessing the power of ceremonies of transition for thirty years with individuals, organisations, communities and governments.

He is happy to receive emails at:

KIVA DREAMING TIME – 2019/2020 – An Invitation to Explore

KIVA DREAMING TIME – 2019/2020 – An Invitation to Explore

In the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge tradition, the 4 moons from November to February are called Kiva Moons. This is a time for us to dream awake the seeds that we wish to plant in our life’s garden come the Spring. To honor this season, we want to invite you to join us in dreaming about what Earth is asking of us now.

We  invite you to meet with us online in January and February to explore our individual and collective dreams for this time in our lives and for the world. These calls will be designed to “hear all our voices” and to foster us telling each other about our dreams in small groups.

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Kiva Time and Spaciousness
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Triad Set-Up
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Harvesting Spaciousness
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Closing Thoughts & Live With
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Please enter your dreams, questions, ideas, and inspirations
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Here are some questions to stimulate your writing…

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Uncovering The Wholeness of Duality

Uncovering the Wholeness of Duality
Merging the Opposites

I have been asked to contemplate the concept of “The Sacred Masculine” and the question “How does the title ‘Calling the Sacred Masculine’ relate to your work with the Teachings now?” – and to share what I have seen in the Beacon Fires.

I feel honored to have been asked. To me, the concept of the Sacred Feminine / Sacred Masculine has quite a high priority in my awareness, and it has been one of the main topics on my list of questions to Life for a number of years now. So this challenge being offered to me is in perfect timing to articulate some of the questions, thoughts, and images, that I have been playing with over time.

Who am I?
I am a 69-year-old man from Denmark, born into a family of Mom, Dad and two elder sisters. Mom was the one “wearing the pants” as we say in Danish, Dad was a gentle, loving man, busy and absent… and the one providing the funds for a stable though not abundant family economy. Everything needed was there, and not so much more than that. Mom was at home holding the container for the family and being the one in charge of daily life. So I grew up in a mainly “feminine” environment, with mom and sisters as the main role models.

Thus – from early on I was taught about life mainly from female teachers. And a part of me knew at a very early state, that a lot of what I was taught was not in alignment with my own perception, and a lot of what I felt I needed to learn about was not taught, because it was seen as immoral or inappropriate or heretic. This told me early on, that I needed to figure out many things by myself – especially the “things” related to being a human-like energy, sexuality, spirituality, philosophy, purpose and more.

So I “chose” to set out on a path of my own to explore life in its many aspects, and found myself many times in alien territory, not understanding the other, not being understood, and not knowing which direction was the right one for me to take.

After many years and many challenges and detours, I finally met the teachings of the Delicate Lodge and realized that I had found what I had been searching for all the time. This amazing bundle of wisdom teachings gifted me with exactly what I needed at the time – a “Roadmap to Life” – a “map” which so far has shown me everything I needed to see in order to find my way out of the maze and onto the path, that eventually will take me “home”.

When asked to write about “Calling the Sacred Masculine” – the first thought that emerged was: “How do you define masculine and feminine?”. What do the words actually mean?

We live in a culture that puts a lot of value into words. Words carry strong energy and strong value. And many words carry different energy and meaning depending on the values and beliefs of those who speak them. As we grow up we learn to discern what words mean. As children however, we take in all of what we perceive and make it our truth, and carry that with us in life without questioning. Later we might experience that we actually are not in agreement with our own truth, and realize that it actually doesn’t belong to us after all. That will be the time when we need to re-define our truth by looking deeply into who we really are as humans.

In relation to the words masculine and feminine, I learned early in my life that they carry some quite specific qualities defined by our culture. First of all I perceived, that “masculine” was something related to men/boys, and “feminine” was related to women/girls. You could almost put an equal sign between the words and the gender – like masculine = man and feminine = woman. So on one level it was almost unthinkable that a man could be feminine and a woman could be masculine – even partly. Next – very clear values were applied to the words. Masculine meant strong, brave, courageous, big muscles, dominant etc. while feminine meant delicate, quiet, timid, subservant, pretty etc.

As a boy, I grew up in an environment where the expectations were – from almost everybody – to be “a man” = masculine. At least that was what it felt like. To me that was a pretty tough job to take on, because I did not at all feel “equipped” to be able to live up to all those expectations. I was not strong, not brave, not courageous, I could not fight or play soccer and all that… Thus I was not seen as “masculine”, which made me a target for bully’s. Likewise I do remember seeing girls I knew being in the same situation among the girls circles, not able to live up to the so called feminine standards. They too became targets to bully’s, both female and male.

Becoming older I learned to dance with the challenge and found my own way of being me in life. I found myself not able (and not wanting) to live up to the social standards. But I still participated in community life while doing my best to be true to myself. This “life dynamic” created a yearning in me to find a higher meaning that again sent me off on a quest for figuring out who I really am and what life is about.

So I became a seeker. And life became an exploration of identity, purpose, opportunities and potentials that slowly led me to the Earth Wisdom Teachings.

Studying the old wisdom teachings of the Delicate Lodge seems to be an ongoing process of unveiling what is already there, right in front of and around me, inside and outside of me as well as in all other life forms I meet. And what is revealed shows up beautifully organized and visualized in the structure of the circle. It has been and still is an amazing experience to unfold the ancient understanding of the Universe and how it works, and to begin to see that we all are co-creating the reality we live in.

What am I learning?

Recently I completed a walk around the Medicine Wheel, where I have been looking deeply at the question “What is my deepest Soul Purpose in this Life?” through the lenses of the 8 directions. Part of that journey was to explore “all potential” and try to crystallize that into different concepts that feel important to dream into being in one form or another in this lifetime. In working with this, “the Balance of the Feminine and the Masculine” became very present, and I realized that this is an extremely important concept for me.

So what is the Balance of the Feminine and the Masculine about for me? And what is “masculine” and what is “feminine”?

In the Creation Story of the Delicate Lodge tradition it is said: “In the beginning there was the Great, Great Grandmother, Wakan, the void, stillness, all potential. She was complete and whole in every way – and, she was lonely. And in her loneliness, she turned in upon herself, and Ssquan, the Great Great Grandfather, the manifestation of being, the kinetic life force, came into being….”

To me these words are speaking about the primordial process, that started the creation of the universe, we are part of. And how the universe stays manifest only through the constant repetition of this creation process.

The Great Great Grandmother Wakan is described as “the Void, All Potential”… She was whole and complete in every way. Everything was there, unlimited space, unlimited potential, unlimited stillness & balance – ONENESS. But She was lonely. There was a yearning for something… so She turned in upon herself (looked within) – and realization happened, kinetic life force (movement) emerged, Ssquan came into being, potential started to manifest, duality was created. Oneness became separated into opposites, which initiated movement / creation.

When looking at the Sacred Masculine through the lens of the Creation Story, it seems clear to me that:

  • Life is a constant “Dance of the Opposites” – and an exploration of how the opposites also are complementary
  • in the duality of the feminine & masculine, the feminine is always in front
  • the masculine cannot exist without the feminine, it is emerging from it
  • all creation is a result of a meeting between the feminine and the masculine fuelled by a yearning (an intention)
  • movement / action always succeeds a moment of reflection / stillness

If this is true, it seems obvious that it is a misconception to equate Masculine with Man and Feminine with Woman. Nevertheless it seems to be easy to confuse those terms, so I am practicing exchanging the words feminine & masculine with “being & becoming” or “yielding & changing”. Sometimes these synonyms don’t quite cover it however – in which cases it is important to hold an awareness of not relating the terms feminine & masculine directly to gender.

Why is this important?
It is important because if we do not hold the awareness, we tend to miss that all humans are a result of the unity of the Wakan / Ssquan energies… two energies that in reality is one that just has two complementary aspects to it.

Nowadays, when looking around among my fellow humans, I have learned to appreciate that each one of us is a unique blend of the masculine and the feminine energies. I see that many men naturally are strong in expressing their becoming or masculine side as many women are strong in expressing their being / feminine side – and not allowing their other side to be expressed very much. This is a natural result of the training we receive from society as we grow up. An unfortunate side effect of this training is however, that we also learn to suppress the other side of us, which often creates unbalances that show up as life diminishing thoughts, words and actions.

What has all this to do with ‘Calling the sacred Masculine’?
I have used quite a big part of my life so far on questioning myself as a man – based on the understanding I was taught early in my life as well as lack of inspiring guidance from male role models. In the later years, I have learned through the Medicine Teachings the importance of finding my inner balance. A big part of that journey has been to find clarity about who and what I am and why I am here in this life. Along the way, I have seen that who and what I am is much influenced by how my inner masculine and feminine energies collaborate in shaping my identity and influencing how I walk as a human through my life.

Growing up in a mainly “feminine” environment – that actually was unbalanced feminine – had a huge influence on how I built my identity as a boy. Later when stepping into manhood, I met many challenges, because I basically didn’t know how to do and to be as a man. In my experience, society did not offer a sustainable model for how to build a male identity, so I had to figure it out myself. Fortunately I found many tools and concepts in the Medicine Teachings, which have given me what I need to restructure my identity, to appreciate myself on all levels, and to realize that my experiences as a child have forced me to build a strong feminine side that nowadays is a huge asset in guiding the way I express my masculine energy.

Summing up I dare say, that for me ‘Calling the Sacred Masculine’ is all about listening to what I yearn for and to give that yearning space to grow strong and become an intention. In actualizing the intention it is important to allow my inner feminine to guide my inner masculine by informing me what is life growing and what is not. Based on that I can create my reality in alignment with the Laws of Creation that are building this Universe, we live in.

Thank you for reading. It has been a good challenge to have been asked to look into this topic. And I am grateful for the insights and learnings it has opened up for me.

a.k.a. Anders Thomasen

  • Currently living on Samsoe, a small island in the center of Denmark
  • Have been studying the Delicate Lodge Teachings since 2003, completing Council Guide Training (2005), Black Lodge (2007) and since then been in keepership training with WhiteEagle (2007-14)
  • Currently in an apprenticeship with WindEagle since 2015.
  • Is dedicated to carrying the teachings and ceremonies of the Delicate Lodge, especially the Vision Quest, the RainbowLodge, the Sundance and the Kiva ceremonies.

Phone: +45 2122 0433

The Sacred Masculine

The Sacred Masculine

Many years ago, in North America, I sat and drummed in the shade of some trees. At one point I stopped to stretch my legs and stepped out from the cooling shadow into bright sunlight. I stood for a while and looked over at a tree opposite me. Its trunk was straight, and the crown consisted of two main forked branches. 

The tree held my attention completely for several minutes, and suddenly I felt as if it began to give me messages. In my mind’s eye, I saw that the two forked branches represented the masculine and the feminine. The tree itself was the tree of life, mirroring the cosmos and all of creation. I saw that all of creation is sacred, including the masculine and the feminine and their dance in the dream of life. Masculine and feminine, represented by the two branches, come together in a single trunk. They appear to be separate, but ultimately they are one.

The masculine and the feminine exist within the world of duality, and they unfold within the dream of life. When I hear people talk about them, I often remember the forked tree, the dream, and the oneness behind the surface illusion. In the dream of life, we forget who we are, and we lose touch with our essence. We identify with ideas, beliefs, phenomena, and appearances, and we take the world of duality at face value.

In the dream, the warrior does his best to play his role with impeccability. When young people reach puberty, males must learn to balance themselves with the feminine, and likewise, females must balance themselves with the masculine. Then humans can live in balance, aligned with natural law, remembering that we are spirits born into substance in order to learn and grow, according to the elders’ wisdom.

The elders say that the masculine patrols the perimeter and protects the camp, and that the feminine holds the center. The perimeter and the center are mirrored within each human being. However, the adult male and female are just two of four directions in the sacred hoop. The other two are the children: the boy and the girl. In order for the circle of the self to be whole and strong, we must have the child’s innocence intact within us. That child-like purity makes up half of the circle of the self. When it is missing, we have lost part of our soul; the main healing method amongst shamans worldwide is soul retrieval. When the warrior and the nurturer are strong in our self-circle, the innocence of the child can take its rightful place. I have often seen this quality in First Nation people, but it tends to be lacking in westerners.

When we lose our child-like purity, innocence, and trust, we begin to compensate and our identity becomes twisted, and we see ourselves as anything from inferior to important. Then the masculine and feminine are not so sacred in the way they manifest: we have forgotten our true identity.

Our spirit understands the sacredness of the masculine, and of the feminine. Our spirit experiences that sacredness directly. Our mind usually doesn’t understand it on the level of real knowing, and owning. The gap between the two is not helpful because it creates incongruence and a division within the self. It’s a high art to bridge that gap. We must seek the understanding of sacredness and own it with the totality of who we are: then we can walk our talk. This is the hunt for sacred knowledge.

One of the duties of the warrior is to protect the camp against any enemy that may pose a threat. This includes the camp that is mirrored in the circle of the self. The warrior must overcome any force that seeks to destroy the camp and all that is sacred within it. When our consciousness remembers its true source, we see the circle of the self. When we see the circle of the self we see our illusions. This is the warrior’s ultimate battle.

CHRIS LÜTTICHAU founded Northern Drum Shamanic Centre in 1998 as an educational base offering teachings of high quality and authenticity. Chris began the shamanic path in 1980. After more than 30 years’ study with indigenous teachers and elders, Chris is now the keeper of an integral body of teachings that he shares internationally in workshops and ongoing training groups. The teachings cover a broad range of topics from healing and the art of dreaming to spirit contact and the Way of the Council.

Chris’s new Three Year Shamanic Training begins in October 2019, see:

The next introduction to shamanism, The Shaman’s Doorway, takes place in September 2019, see:’s-doorway/55.

Chris is the author of ‘Calling Us Home’ (Head of Zeus, 2017, “The single best book on contemporary shamanism on the market – long overdue” – Manda Scott), and ‘Spirit Animal Guides: Discover your power animal and the shamanic path’ (Cico, 2017, with new hardback edition 2019). Chris has appeared internationally on TV and radio.

Please use Chris’s facebook link please, rather than an email for personal contact:


Grandparenting Across the Generations

Grandparenting Across the Generations

When I was invited to write my contribution to Calling the Sacred Masculine, I immediately felt I wanted to write about my journey to be and become a Grandfather. I am blessed with three granddaughters and one grandson. Their arrival in my life coincided with the maturing of my own understanding of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. I have had the time, space, and the commitment to bring the learning I gained from my training with the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge to the territory of grandparenting. Over the last seven years, being a Grandfather has brought immense joy to my life.

My Experience of Being a Grandson
I feel lucky in that I knew both sets of my grandparents. I was close to my maternal grandparents because of geography and the relationship of my mother to her parents. I did have contact with my father’s parents, but it was less frequent.

My Nana and Granddad had a market garden farm at Throston near West Hartlepool, and I spent many happy days, and most of my holidays, there. I realise now that I was considered special because I was the first child of a daughter. This specialness meant that I felt very loved and welcomed into the family.

I was given the freedom to roam on the farm, and I loved being with the animals. I have vivid memories of going out to the fields with my Granddad to gather the produce; he would speak to me about caring for the land and respecting the seasons. He taught me the old fashioned ways of planting and harvesting, a long, often slow, and weather dependent process. I appreciate how he brought an alertness to what was happening around me, and I recognise that my love of nature stems from my relationship with him.

He was very caring towards me, and that memory of a loving masculine energy around me is something I can touch back into in my own grandparenting. He made it clear to me that he wanted me alongside him. He would often sing as we travelled around the farm together. One particular song was ‘ Climb upon my knee, Sonny Boy.’ Here is that song with lyrics below, if you would like to listen to it.

Climb upon my knee, Sonny Boy,
Though you’re only three, Sonny Boy,
You’ve no way of knowing,
There’s no way of showing,
What you mean to me, Sonny Boy.
When there are grey skies,
I don’t mind the grey skies,
You make them blue, Sonny Boy.
Friends may forsake me,
Let them all forsake me,
I still have you, Sonny Boy.

What was very special to me was being with my grandfather as he farmed with the horses, to be behind the gentle undulation of the horses as they walked is a treasured memory. There was tranquillity to being with him and a pace to life that was unhurried. We would take the farm produce to town using horse and cart; the horse knew the way and travelled at a speed that enabled Granddad to talk to people as we passed them by. He was a well-known and well-loved character in the town. I have an on-going love of horses to this day.

Within the family, there was a balance of the masculine and the feminine, and I so appreciate the strength of my grandmother. She birthed twelve children, of which eight survived to adulthood. The farm had no electricity or gas; so all the cooking was done on the coal fire or on paraffin stove.

Granddad was the one who went out to work, and Nana supported him and looked after the family. There was an incredible routine around food, a big breakfast early in the morning to set us up for the day, and then at 11am, she would come out into the fields with steamy milky coffee and scones with butter and jam. After a glorious homemade evening meal, my grandfather would get himself ready to go to his son’s pub for a pint of beer. He would polish his boots, put on his waistcoat with a pocket watch and chain, and then walk down to the farm gate where the bus would stop for him.

I feel that my relationship with my grandparents gave me a solid grounding in, and understanding of family values that I hold to this day. To be in an environment where I was loved has given me role models that I regularly touch back into as I explore how I wish to be as a grandfather to my own grandchildren.

Learning From Conditional Love Within My Birth Family
My parents met each other when they were teenagers in the 1930s, but were apart for many years during World War II. ‘Dad’ was a pilot in the RAF, and ‘Mam’ was in the Army. They married in 1943, I was born in 1946, and my brother was born in 1951. My father joined the Police after the war, his career was mostly as a detective, and so he was not at home very much due to his dedication to his work. Consequently, I spent most of my time with my mother.

My perception of being parented by my mother was that she was very controlling and that her love was conditional on my success or performing in particular ways. As a policeman’s wife, my mother was not allowed to work, this was very challenging for her and so she was living her life through my achievements. This ‘controlling’ behaviour was very much a patterning of me in my early years: I learned to be controlling and even more strongly to hate being controlled by others.

I don’t have many memories of my father being with me, playing with me, or taking me out. I look back, and I feel that I missed out on my father playing an active role in my development as a child. There was not a balanced feminine and masculine within my immediate family, I can now see the impact of the way that my Dad and Mam were as role models and how it affected my own development.

My apparent success in education and later at work came from a deeply ingrained pattern of controlling all aspects of my life. As a father, like my father, I adopted the role of breadwinner and was very focussed on career. I was not around very much for my daughters. I learned my lessons well from my parenting and took this into my parenting.

It was in my late 40’s that I started to be aware of different ways of parenting. It was also at this time that I became involved in personal and team development at work, and this helped me to realise that my controlling behaviour while successful had significant limitations. I met a range of people who raised my understanding of how our upbringing can affect our adult behaviour. What was probably most impactful was realising that it is possible to change this behaviour through the restructuring these patterns.

Encountering the Teachers from the Ehama Institute

It was at this time that I first met RainbowHawk and WindEagle and the Delicate Lodge Teachings. My first ceremony was very emotional; I experienced, once again, that feeling of unconditional love. It was like coming home. As we sat around the fire together, hearing the Earth Wisdom stories, this touched back into how I felt with my own grandparents. I was happy that I had found people that I wanted to journey with to deepen my understanding of consciousness and continues to heal my early life patterning.

The second Balquidder ceremony in 1996 was a celebration of the marriage of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine through the blessing of Ann StarSong and my impending wedding. It was a beautiful and timeless experience for all of us who attended. To deeply touch into the dance of these two primordial energies, to see, and experience, the equal but different roles grounded in love was transformational for me.

As I became more conscious, I had the growing ability in the moment to recognise out of balance energy, to see that it is not a state of love, and to shift out of it in the moment. Over the years, as I deepened with these practices, and supported others in training, I felt more and more able to hold my centre. As a father, I have become more loving. I went back to my daughters who had been deeply affected by my controlling behaviour to share what I was learning about myself and to ask for their forgiveness. I sought to explain to them the insight and learning I had gained, and that I now wanted to be different with them.

Myself as a Grandfather Now

What the Teachings gave me was a balanced way to approach being a Grandfather and with the understanding of the being and becoming energies to have a strategy to approach these new relationships. Eight Medicine woman have previously written about the Sacred Feminine in BeaconFires, and their wisdom reflects much of my understanding, for example

• The silence from which sound rises
• The stillness from which movement dances.
• The qualities of the Sacred Masculine flowing from the void of the Sacred Feminine out into life.

I am 72 years old, and my first grandchild arrived when I was 65, it was relatively late in life when I became a Grandfather. I was well into my learning journey with the Earth Wisdom Teaching, and I felt prepared for this adventure. It was an exciting but anxious time in some respects with my daughters going through the pregnancy and birthing the new life. There was the awe and wonder of seeing this new being arrive safely, and of knowing that my lineage and genes were continuing. I reconnected with the joy of being present when my two daughters came into this world and, in that moment, I was connecting with pure love once again.

I have an awareness and clarity that I need to be aligned to the parents’ way of doing things and to respect this. Being older and retired, I have had the time to be supportive and unconditionally loving. Through a series of Vision Quests, the healing and balancing brought me into a greater understanding of what love truly is and that I am able ‘to love and be love’ in a more profound way than before.

Some primary themes in thinking about myself as a grandfather are firstly the constancy of being there for them and supporting them in a way that I was not always there for my daughters as they grew up. I am deliberately manifesting love with them and being alert to any of my old patterns of control trying to highjack my centre. I am very aware now of catching the triggers that might take me out of balance and preventing the Judge and others taking over.

It can sometimes be a bit of a rollercoaster, watching how the parents deal with things. I have developed an interest in personal wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle, and I love to share this, but sometimes the parents have a different approach. I do not go against them, and I just try to influence gently. I do find it a little challenging sometimes when I have a different viewpoint, but I respect that they are the parents, and my role is to love unconditionally.

As a male role model in their lives, I am conscious of the Teachings I have received on the role of the Feminine and the Masculine, where the women hold the centre of the circle and the men hold the perimeter. I see myself as a protector of the generations coming after me as a loving LawDog Chief. I am holding the Two Sacred Laws where ‘All things are Born of Woman’ and ‘No Law shall be Passed that Will Harm the Children’

I don’t wish to get in the way of the youngsters’ life experiences. If I accept the teaching that we are all spirit beings who have come into this lifetime on purpose to learn and to grow, then I do not want to deprive them of their full experience. I only want to be with them as a significant supporter in their lives as I just love watching the way they are developing.

I want to just be with these little ones, listening, rather than letting any of my old controlling aspirations take over. I have great joy in experiencing their love of me. I often smile at their desire to control me, even at such an early age. This is when just being with them is such a great gift in my life.

I have spoken.

David Kell (PrairieDancer)
My journey parallels Ann StarSong who is my wife and soul-mate. 1996 was also my first introduction to the Teachings at Balquidder, Scotland. The following two years I was part of a circle of people who supported the Ehama ‘tribe’ returning to the UK. I was gifted to be part of the first CGT 
programme and then took time to further deepen with the Teachings by living and travelling with RainbowHawk and WindEagle. I was a guide on CGT programmes and ceremonies in USA, UK, Germany and Denmark.

My work in large 
organisations as a Production Director brought me to the Teachings. Responsible for implementing complex change strategies, I had identified the importance of delayered structures, team, and personal development. Exploring different personal development opportunities and through my interest in Quantum Physics, I was first introduced to indigenous teachings. When I found the Ehama Teachers, I knew they were the ones to deepen with, I have never regretted that choice.

As part of my give-back to Life, I decided to support organisations that are committed to supporting Diversity of Life, Nutrition & Healing and The Origin Teachings. To this end, I joined the Board of the Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom to support breathing the Teachings into the World. Having been part of many learning communities, I hold a dream of us all coming together as conscious community to support the Teachings.

I am involved in the Center’s new Active Wisdom Program called ‘An Inquiry into Elderhood’ which is another of my callings. More information can be found here.


2019 Spring Ceremony of Renewal – Seeds

2019 Spring Ceremony of Renewal – Seeds

Spring Ceremony Gallery

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I thought I could have each comment box only apply to one seed – it turns out that’s not how it works at all. Please post all comments below and reply to the comments that you want to weigh in on, as I have to Margaret, WhiteWolf’s below.

Jenn, Spirit on Earth’s Seed:
My seed is to gracefully pounce like a mountain lion. Taking steps to live in a fully present condition and intention within the leadership roles that I am called in to as well as doing so in a way that serves the highest good for all involved. Taking necessary action to accomplish the goals that I set out to accomplish in moments of active pursuit and allowing myself to receive in moments of silent waiting.

Simone ClearHeart’s Seed:
Live In My Truth

Matthew WildFox’s Seed:
To hold sacred spaciousness, especially to allow sacred mother to nurture healing in and through me for all things.

Betty, WindHorse’s Seed:
Planting the seed of adventure as I Emerge into my Most authentic self with ease.

Susan FreeSprit’s Seed:
Peaceful, organized space.

Patricia’s Seed:
Replenish, rebuild, restore my soul.

Craig’s Seed:
I intend to develop my emerging spiritual beliefs thru knowledge and direct experience. And I will test being a bridge between science and spiritualism thru multiple dialogs.

Myron TreeMan’s Seed:
Heart prayer — emergent from the presence of gratitude and openness.

RedHeart’s Seed:
Listen to my Heart allowing it to hear/feel and come into synch with the Love of which the Universe is created and held.

Margaret WhiteWolf’s Seed:
I am nurturing this seed of Love, Life, Laughter…and the more that stretches into eternity also known as ~ Nurturing Life ~ for the sake of brevity.

Dawn’s Seed:
Coherence and flow in service to life.

Paula’s Seed:
Exploring the power and beauty of being.h

Betsy ShiningSun’s Seed:
My seed is living and being joy so that I can be a light for others and provide hope, healing, and love in the world.

Susan LoonSister’s Seed:
I planted a seed of mystery- nurturing my spirit space, being present, and allowing the unfolding of the wonder of what will be.

Jim GladeSeeker’s Seed:
My seed for the next year is a seed of honor to my mother where I will do some lasting things to honor her spirit and her nature

Brian’s Seed:
My seed is to be my complete, unfiltered self.

Lindsey’s Seed:
Choosing to navigate life with intentional action.

Carly’s Seed:
To play in the mud, trying to remember that mud is nourishment, space, silence, and a beautiful starting point.

Nicole’s Seed:

Katherine’s Seed:

FireHawk’s Seed:
The Muse of My Seed – “Her heart can make a slow bud open.”

The Manifestation of My Seed: Everyday, to be grounded, accept the difficult journey, circulate intelligence and meditate.

The Holding Pattern of My Seed: Be Still; Love the Greater Mission; Always Be Connected; No Excuse! – Wild and Vigorous Victory! Truth

Pele Rouge’s Seed:
My seed is to align all aspects of my life so that my life is a wondrous manifestation of my soul’s journey on earth in service to The Divine.