The Call of the Sacred Feminine

The Call of the Sacred Feminine

We always gathered roses for ceremony….

 “How did the rose
Ever open its heart and give to this world all its beauty?
It felt the encouragement of light against its being,
Otherwise, we all remain too frightened”
~ Hafiz

The rose and the sword are both represented in The Eagle, the north shield, painted by RainbowHawk, as part of The Four Shields of Remembrance.  The rose and the sword are depicted in the bowl of consciousness at the bottom of the image.  The rose is opening, receiving the light of the sun and blessing us with the most gentle color and scent…unfolding herself… but not showing all her secrets… full of mystery.  The sword, her counterpart by contrast, is sharp where she is soft, formed with great strength where she is delicate, long and pointed where she is rounded and curved.

The Eagle by RainbowHawk

At the heart of the teachings of the Delicate Lodge is the creation story.  A story of great simplicity and immense profundity.  In the story, we hear of the Great Great Grandmother, Wakan, the void, stillness, all potential, and, that she is complete and whole in every way.  The story continues by telling us she is lonely, and that in her loneliness, she turns in upon herself and the Great Great Grandfather, the lightning bolt, the kinetic life force, comes into being.

When I hear this, I can’t help but feel awe.  For me it is the most sacred mystery of life unfolding like the rose right before our eyes.  The secrets are hidden in the folds of the story beckoning us to come closer.  What is happening here?  What does it mean that she is complete and whole AND lonely?  How can that be?  And what does it mean that she turns in upon herself and then the Great Great Grandfather comes into being.

This is the call of the Sacred Feminine.  This is the deep power hidden in each of us.  The call represents the deep yearning of the spirit.  To touch the longing within, we need to listen to the spirit voice.   Often this is the voice we suppress.  We have the feeling it is too much, or it will rock our world, upset our status quo, so we push the voice and the longing away.

In the story, we hear the Great Great Grandmother was lonely.  Lonely for what?  What did she call for?  Remembering she is the void, empty yet full of potential, we see her call is for her partner.  Her partner is manifestation.  These are the sacred twins: the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine:  potential and manifestation.  They live in us.  We are each beings of potential and manifestation.

So what is the calling of the Sacred Feminine?  How does this happen?   How can we touch this mystery?  How does it awaken in the teachings?   

We are each aware of the critical nature of this time on our earth.  In all that I share in many different offerings, there is a calling for the realization of our potential.  It is time to do whatever is needed to step into that potential and the journey to manifest it.  Sometimes it takes a lot to step into our own light.  And it takes a lot to own our potential and risk the opening, like the rose, who we know to “give to this world, all its beauty”.    

This call of the Sacred Feminine is like a clarion call for our hearts to awaken, it is a call to listen for the yearning and to allow the Sacred Feminine to awaken our own dreams.

Medallic Art of Nicola Moss

I offer this amazing brass Medallic creation as image to inspire the energy of the Sacred Feminine.  Notice the holding of the ancient grandmother as she embraces the void of creation, the sacred container where all potential resides, and the tail of the whale representing remembrance.

So far in this writing I have been speaking of what is at the heart of the Sacred Feminine, going to the deepest center of it, which I find in the Creation story: The void : The potential  : The yearning.  So where does that lead us?  How does this understanding come awake in our daily lives and how does it show up in the teachings?

When speaking of the teachings, I would say this sacred dance of feminine and masculine is in every wheel, and provides great balance in the sacred dance of life.

I invite us into the council wheel.  When studying the old wisdom ways, we see the eight perspectives and the twin chiefs in each direction. 

The ideal is to have a man and a woman in each direction to represent both the feminine and the masculine within that direction.  The feminine energy listens deeply and receives the clarity around what is happening in this present moment, offering an appreciative view, while the masculine energy then brings forward what is needed in relation to what is.

In society, we notice that we are living in a fast-paced culture requiring us to run, initiate, build, accomplish, organize or manifest without the balance of the regeneration, renewal, contemplative and reflective energies to balance us.  Often we feel we have to be productive, we have to show what we have accomplished or we feel we will not have value.  So we burn out, we experience stress and we fall ill.  This is a symptom of a society that is out of balance with the energies of the Sacred Feminine.

An old prophecy says “This is the time of the grandmothers”.  The meaning is that the energy of the Sacred Feminine is going to rise and take its place alongside that of the Sacred Masculine. This is happening.  In the past, the grandmothers of the Iroquois nation would choose the men who would sit in council to make decisions for the people.  The grandmothers would need to sanction war if the council called for this to take place.  We may not live tribally anymore, but we have work places, and organizations, and families where it is important to balance these energies for the well-being of all communities of life.  When we indeed honor the Sacred Feminine and take time to listen to source before acting, it will change everything, because what we will create will be entirely different.

The title of this first issue of the Beacon Fire publication is The Call of The Sacred Feminine.  When I think about the ‘call’ I think of awakening or calling out.  In the ceremony of the vision quest, we say to ‘cry for a vision’.  This is the voice of the yearning of the spirit.

So if I take this for myself, I can ask “What is the deepest call within myself?”  “What am I yearning for?”  This yearning is how we somehow activate the potential that turns into manifestation.

“Where am I called in this life?”
“What is rising up in me, calling for expression and manifestation?”
“Where do I feel the encouragement of light against my being?”

WindEagle, Keeper of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge


As a lineage carrier and master teacher, WindEagle dedicates her time to the unfolding of collective wisdom, the awakening of higher consciousness, the balance of being and becoming and the calling forth of the highest potential for the benefit of all beings.   

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Stop and Be in the Beauty – Reconnecting to the Sacred Feminine

Stop and Be in the Beauty – Reconnecting to the Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine comes as a gentle touch upon our shoulder inviting us to stop and simply be in the magic of the present moment. She holds us as we transition from the night dreams to the day dreams creating space for us to be in the yearning, the desire to learn and grow. She fills us with love and awe as we wander the woods connecting to our sisters and brothers.  She reminds us to be aware of their Beauty everywhere; moss clinging to tree-trunks, the play of light and shadow on leaves, buzzing honey bees drinking from the flowers, stones revealing healing patterns.  We are with all of them, our senses expanded in intimate connection, appreciating each one and open to receive information.

Then from Her depths there is a whisper, ‘Come. It is time.”

Following that call one day, I found myself sitting on the towpath next to a swan’s nest, watching as a cygnet pecked its way from the darkness of the egg to the light of this world. A miracle of the dance of the NotTwo. What an honour to be invited to witness such an intimate moment. To share in the joy of another Spirit Being coming into form.

At the time I didn’t fully appreciate what I was experiencing. I had forgotten the truth – that all things are born out of the Sacred Feminine and that it is the dance of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, that creates everything. That it begins with the Sacred Feminine; the silence of the Mystery in which anything is possible and nothing has yet come into form. Until that moment when the urge to create becomes an imperative and the Sacred Masculine, the Light, the Sound, bursts forth from the Void and something is formed.

Indeed I spent many years denying this understanding. Preferring to consider myself as a ‘human’ rather than being a female. Not appreciating my unique gifts as a woman nor recognizing which aspects of me were from the Sacred Feminine and which were from the Sacred Masculine.  Rebelling against the inequalities I experienced as a woman in the workplace and elsewhere. Better to ignore the subtleties of this dance, than to be treated with disdain because I was female.

It was the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge that finally brought me home to Wholeness. Learning that the Women hold the centre and the Men guard the perimeter. Remembering how both reside in me. Spending time in the darkness and the silence, Being.  Then manifesting through the energy of the Sacred Masculine. It required a deep listening and a practice of getting out of the way, anything that was stopping me from living into my Sacred Dream.

In that remembering, I recognised that the Mother Earth and all her children have always been my first love. The Teachings deepened that love, a love of the utter magic of this world.  They fueled a curiosity to explore, to be in intimate relationship with Life. The natural world is a portal for me into the Mystery, to the Sacred Feminine. And my expression of that relationship found its voice through Photography. Oftentimes when I am taking photographs I feel like I am falling into whatever it is I am seeing and literally becoming One with. I experience the everchanging moment, the dance of all the elements, seen and unseen, that come together to create that unique moment; a moment that will never be repeated.

Sometimes I don’t even fully ‘see’ everything that is before me and it is not until I take the time later to look at the image on my computer that I see what was hidden; I see the energy that was tapping on my shoulder and saying, “Look, look this way. See me”. The invitation from the Other to meet them in their Essence, an Essence born of their StarSeed potential, that first yearning in the darkness of No Thing. It truly is a journey to perceive in a different way. How the opportunity to listen for that voice from the Sacred Feminine, to let her grow inside and to hear that whisper (sometimes it’s even a shout or a clamour of multiple voices) from the stone, or the tree, the swan, or the water, saying “See me, I’m here, over here. Come and say hello. Be with me a while.” It is an opportunity to come into deep relationship with the animals, and the plants, the sky nation and the water, the ThunderBeings and the ants; all Life.

My invitation this day to you is to stop and watch the video below. Simply immerse yourself in the Sacred Feminine.  Then let your senses open to my Essence Reflections that come through Her.

Accalia is a Council Guide, a Photographer, a Swan Rescuer and, at heart she is a Nomad

Having experienced the power of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge in her own life about ten years ago she stepped forward as a Guide to support WhiteEagle Woman on her Medicine training programmes. In following the words of the Chiefs to ‘Breathe these teachings into the world. It is time and maybe some good will come of this“, she has shared this Ancient Wisdom across Europe and the US.

Her passion is photography – a creative expression of her relationship with Mother Life and this world in which we live. She explores the interweaving of essence-energies that forge each moment and captures this as a moment of magic. Her images tell stories of the dance between the seen and the unseen and her deepest desire is that these ‘moments’ help people reconnect to their thread in this weave. 

When back home in England, Accalia is involved with the charity Swan Support and spends many hours picking up injured swans and transporting them to the treatment centre. She has developed a very intimate relationship with the Swan Nation as evidenced by some of her imagery.

Accalia moves around the planet, being curious about the world and its people, adventures that often lead to the delight of striking up conversations with people to learn more of who they are.

Listening and Dancing to the Rhythm of Creation

Listening and Dancing to the Rhythm of Creation

Listening and Dancing to the Rhythm of Creation

My Journey with the Earth Wisdom Teachings
I feel immense appreciation for having crossed paths with WindEagle and RainbowHawk. In 1994, these Keepers of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge offered me a bundle of ancient wisdom that undeniably resonated with my spirit. I chose to pick up the bundle and gathered with these Teachers for several years, in ceremony, remembering together. I sat in many Medicine Wheels, in various locations, with others from around our earth, as we all deepened with these ancient Teachings.

The awareness presented in these ancient Earth Wisdom Teachings was not about “learning” this way of wholeness, rather we are “remembering” our wholeness and our place in the interconnected web of life. That Sacred Humans instinctively know how to live in balanced sacred reciprocity with all life. Humanity has simply forgotten and has been taught otherwise. This felt true to me then and still does today. I have continued to walk this way, doing my best to remember what it is to be a Sacred Human, and what it means to walk the Beauty Way. I cherish my global Medicine Family. I honor them along with my family, friends and many teachers for assisting me to become who I am today.

The Sacred Feminine
Calling the Sacred Feminine is integrally related to how I live my life, how I have created and shared my music for years. My life experience with these Teachings has taught me that listening into the stillness, the creative void, and waiting for action to arise from that well of all potential, brings gifts expanded beyond ego-mind-created music. It is in this way, I allow myself to be an instrument through which Great Spirit speaks. This humbling way of creating music keeps my musical journey alive and vital.

Ever since I left the rock-n-roll business and began playing hammer dulcimer in 1994, I could sense that the music that came through me was much larger than myself. Though I had no training on this instrument, I seemed to have a natural ability to tune into my environment and musically express the energy needed. I honed my abilities playing hammer dulcimer during many transitions in ceremony and at the end of the night in the medicine wheel under the star nation. I often heard how the music I played helped people integrate the teachings and brought them into their heart. I learned to show up fully, remain acutely present, listen deeply and yet get out of the way enough to allow Great Spirit to speak through me.

To this day, I rarely know exactly what will come out when I begin a piece of music. I just sense which instrument to pick up, become the hollow reed and play whatever I feel guided to play. Even when I play songs I have previously recorded on my albums, I allow the unique version that reflects the moment to manifest. It has required cultivating finely tuned listening skills, trusting myself and my intention to be of service to the highest good of all. I have grown to explicitly trust in this process and my heart delights in creating this way. 

I feel that my music and offerings in the world call the Sacred Feminine forward in all of us. The music is an invitation to drop deeply into our beingness and listen to our heart… to our creative center. I believe it is fundamental to BE and to hold open that creative void allowing movement to emerge from this place within us. The balanced Sacred Masculine energy then brings it into form. I have found so much of our training and life programming in the western world is designed to “make things happen” or to “push”, rather than allow them to rise up from our truest creative source.

The feminine energy lives and breathes in each of us…in all life, as does the masculine. Breathing in and Breathing out. Being and Becoming. The Teachings have been foundational in understanding this old way of walking in balance with the self and all life. This delicate balance is a moment to moment dance. The key for me is to balance the feminine and masculine energies within myself whilst living in a society that values making things happen. To be mindful not to push or force things and to remember my brain-mind is not the seat of my creativity. The brain-mind is a great tool to store information, be a record keeper and implement that which has arisen from within our Sacred Feminine well of creativity.

Expanding as a Musician

I am grateful to live and find my inspiration in Mount Shasta, California. I have been sharing my heart through music for 40 years. My musical journey began as a rock-n-roll drummer and my expression has expanded to encompass hammer dulcimer, piano, Native American flute, Japanese Taiko and ceremonial drumming.

I have recorded and produced six albums to date. My first solo CD on the hammer dulcimer came through in 1998. I entitled it Awakening Remembrance. I was clear that the music that organically flowed through me from Great Spirit to all Earth’s children was to assist in Awakening our Remembrance of wholeness. On Spring Equinox of 2000, I began playing Native American flute. In 2004 I released my solo flute CD, entitled Winds of the Heart.

My third CD release, entitled Beyond Words with Will Clipman and AmoChip Dabney, was joyously birthed in 2006. On this album, I played hammer dulcimer, flutes, and drumset accompanied by these 2 consummate musical artists. It was a phenomenal collaboration listening to and dancing with the rhythm of creation as we all brought this music into form. The following is from inside the CD cover.

 “My journey brought me to this timeless place
where we all honor one another
for being exactly who we are…
each of us having a unique voice…
each one valid and beautiful…

As individuals we come together in a circle,
like the lodge poles of the tipi,
becoming stronger by gathering.

Leaning in we call one another forward,
sharing the music of our hearts
and experiencing a sense of wholeness
that feels like coming home”.

Beyond Words was GRAMMY®award nominated for Best New Age Album alongside Enya, Peter Kater, Andreas Vollenweider, and Enigma. It was an honor to be recognized in this fine company and at this level. I felt that Great Spirit brought this into being so this music of Mother Earth that was created in this sacred way could reach a broader global audience.

Being nominated for a GRAMMY®award was indeed an exceptional milestone in my life. However, playing for the natural world throughout my life has equal magnitude. Setting up my hammer dulcimer in Wales at the base of a 5000-year-old Yew tree and serenading it was one of the highlights of my life. Playing flute on a cruise to dolphins and a blue whale off the southern Californian coast on my birthday was awe-inspiring. Communing with and offering the breath through the flute back to the 2000-year-old Redwood trees is expansive. Assisting another in returning home to themselves or making the transition out of their earth body home to the non-physical is a sacred honor. Hearing my CD is played often to support women birthing babies into this world, and at the opposite doorway, to soften the transition for those completing their earth walk feels deeply significant. For me, being of service to All Our Relations in these various ways is a truly satisfying utilization of my Medicine and musical talents I have cultivated.

Answering the Call
Just after my 50th birthday in July 2014, I was guided by Spirit to go out in a 19ft camper van on a “play to our Earth Mother tour”. I was guided to prepare to be away for one to three months that Fall, knew I would be going to the South West and would begin in Escalante, Utah. There were a few other places I was to play during my journey and the rest would be revealed as I traveled along. Great Spirit was now officially my Tour Manager. I was NOT to book any concerts in advance, make camping reservations, have plans or set timings. I would be guided where to play music, was to listen for when I was complete and where to go next. This was a tour where I was to play to our Earth Mother and all her children. Certainly, this would include playing to some humans along the way here and there, but mostly it was to go and love up our Earth Mother.

It was a leap of faith to do the trip with no events booked or guaranteed income. I chose to trust, accepted this call from Spirit, and off I went that September. I played in Escalante, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyonlands, Needles, Mesa Verde, Taos, Santa Fe, Tsankawi ruins and the Village of the Shining Stones in Abiquiu, New Mexico.

I was overwhelmingly touched by what unfolded on my three months Medicine Journey. It was astounding to behold what my tour manager orchestrated for me and how supported I was. My entire trip was extraordinary and life altering! And yes, I have chosen to keep Great Spirit as my full-time Tour Manager. I have compiled images I took of a number of places I serenaded on that trip. I did visit some of my Medicine Family along the way and they were kind enough to capture some photos of me in these powerful locations. I invite you along on this journey set to my flute song Ancient One.


To download a copy of this video, click here.

Evolution of My Work
By Winter Solstice of 2011, it became clear I needed to do some major restructuring internally and externally. After living the previous seven years at full throttle recording, producing, touring, teaching and performing, I needed to stop and listen to the trees. Cradled in the roots of the standing ones, in the Magical Forest where I live, I could unearth what was incongruent in my life and self-correct.  In 2012 I largely stopped touring, only occasionally offered special events and was called to claim my abilities more fully as a musical intuitive healing facilitator. It was time work soul specifically with individuals utilizing my empathic capacity, medicine tools and musical gifts with laser focus.

We can recognize that our physical body is comprised of energy, vibration, sound, and space…it is made from the four daughters of beauty: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Therefore, if we give our bodies a musical harmonic environment that is resonant to its truest elemental source vibration, our body-mind intelligence and highest source self knows what to do with it and has the ability to come back into alignment.

In what I call a Vibrational Alignment session, I co-create a ceremonial space with another. I then allow myself to listen attentively to what Great Spirit guides me to create musically. Utilizing my hammer dulcimer, 16 different flutes, and some percussion, I create music to reflect the authentic vibration of the individual or group I am working with.

After years of playing for larger audiences, I feel fortunate to offer this intimate session work. I have witnessed a wide spectrum of profound transformation in my clients and am grateful to be of service. Knowing energy is boundless and free of geographical limitations, I am able to do sessions with clients around the world over the phone as well as in person. I delight in facilitating a sacred healing environment for someone to step into their empowerment as their own greatest healer!

My Appreciation of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge
During these times of the great change, I feel it is vital to create the time and space to be in the natural world more often! I have experienced that humans gather a great deal of ‘static’ in our physical body from all the technology, cell towers and electromagnetic fields we are surrounded by 24/7. We have a natural resonant frequency with Mother Earth and feeling this frequency helps us clear our energy and remember who we are. It feels imperative to take time to listen to the subtle whispers and clear messages of our Sacred Feminine, act from our heart-mind and support one another. I find there is great power in honoring the Sacred Hoop and living with respect for All Our Relations.

I hold the vision that more humans will avail themselves of these Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge. This body of Timeless Earth Wisdom is always relevant. I give thanks once again for how the Teachings, and my many teachers, have touched my life immeasurably. From my perspective, these ancient ways are practical gifts to be shared and nurtured in present time.

I have compiled images taken from my journey since I began walking with the Teachings and a few images that were contributed by others. These are only some of the many beautiful places and beings to whom I have been fortunate enough to offer my musical prayers. The following slideshow is set to my hammer dulcimer song Summer Soulstice. May you hear, see and feel your magnificence reflected as you watch the immense beauty of the natural world in this slide show.


To download a copy of this video, click here.

I thank my long time dear friends at the Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom for lighting the BeaconFires! I appreciate their invitation to participate and I am grateful to my sisters who have contributed their wisdom jewels to this first basket. I find myself anticipating the upcoming “Calling the Sacred Masculine” basket. It will be a gift to hear from my brothers who have walked with the Teachings as they share their journeys.

My prayer is that sharing my experiences and what I have cultivated in my life to date will touch and inspire you in some way. I offer both of my slideshow downloads as gifts to you with respect and in sacred reciprocity. I recognize each one of us is living our own Sacred Dream of Life and everyone has wisdom to share. I welcome the opportunity to connect with you.

Gentle Thunder is a GRAMMY Award-nominated multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, producer, educator, inspirational speaker, and musical intuitive healing facilitator. She is deeply devoted to being of service to All life and to help humans remember their authentic self where ever she offers her music.

Gentle Thunder has created a “Peaceful Transitions” CD gifting program.

The intention of the program is to put her peaceful flute music in the hands of those who care for our beloveds in transition. Donated copies of my Winds of the Heart CD can soften the transition for those birthing into this world, working with severe health challenges or nearing the end of their life. The music offers support to them, their families and their care providers.

Patrons who resonate with Gentle Thunder’s music and are called to support this program donate money to purchase copies of Gentle Thunder’s Winds of the Heart flute CD. Gentle Thunder then sends those gifts to organizations such as: Babies in Need, Birthing Centers, Hospice Care, Alzheimers Centers, Elder Care Facilities and Trauma Centers etc…. Patrons can specify a care center or Gentle Thunder will send CD bundles to various care centers around the United States. CDs can be sent on behalf of or in memory of a loved one.

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My Awakening to the Sacred Feminine in the Braes of Balquidder 1996

My Awakening to the Sacred Feminine in the Braes of Balquidder 1996

Getting the Message to come and meet RainbowHawk and WindEagle
In 1996, I attended a business workshop that had life-changing consequences for me in awakening to the Sacred Feminine. I did not know it at the time; in fact, I left the workshop rather bemused by the circular wheels that were used to illustrate the information being offered. When I spoke to the presenter at the end of the day, I remember saying that I did not quite “get it”, and yet I felt that I had just encountered something rather special.

He smiled enigmatically at me and told me he had felt much the same during his first encounter with this way of thinking. There was a conspiratorial air to his reply.  The topic the workshop covered was about leading change through a blend of ancient “Earth Wisdom” and leading-edge Management Science. As I was leaving, he handed me a small flyer, called Maps of Balance, and said that his Earth Wisdom Teachers were coming to Scotland from California and that I might like to attend one of their “ceremonies”.

Maps of Balance from around the world from left to right, top to bottom:
Mayan Hunab Ku, Sumerian Cross, Islamic Star, Buddhist Lotus,
Yin Yang I Ching, Nordic Sun Wheel, Celtic Cross & Hindu Yantra
David and I love indigenous cultures and we had a chat about the brochure and thought it was interesting. We were about to get married, however, and decided we had enough on our plate and so would not attend. But, a few days later, David came home from a seminar and he had been handed the same flyer about these circular Maps of Balance. At supper that night we mused over whether we should attend, as it felt like a message was coming to us. We agreed I would look into what was involved.

I remember speaking to Flowering Rose who told me about the Ehama Institute holding, what she called, a body of ancient Earth Wisdom called The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge.  The Teachers were called RainbowHawk and WindEagle and she was sure I would really enjoy the weekend ceremony.  She told me there would be an evening gathering at the Quaker Meeting House in Edinburgh where I could meet the Teachers and learn more about their work so we could decide if the weekend “ceremony” was for us.

Attending my first ever ‘Cornplanting’
So I booked my place and got there rather frazzled after a busy day at work. On arrival, I was invited to find a seat, I looked around the room and there must have been about a hundred people there and we were at the full capacity.  There was a fun energy in the room and the Ehama team did seem quite calm faced with a room filled to overflowing. Then, I saw WindEagle for the first time.

She was wearing a full-length turquoise dress that seemed to consist of a number of layers. She was carrying a large feather and a bowl of sage and was gently wafting the smoke as she walked around the room.  I was immediately taken with the sense of stillness that she exuded and the way she was taking in the room, and smiling at people, without making fully direct eye contact.  Something within me felt very drawn to her, and I remember thinking this was how I would wish to be more often in my busy life of work and family.

Once everybody was introduced, Rainbow Hawk stood up and moved to the centre of the room.  He had an incredible presence, he was very commanding: yet had a smile that softened his face. He spoke about the challenges of living in the modern era and how, as humans, we are often disconnected from conscious connection with the Earth.  WindEagle then stood up and joined him in the middle of the room where she talked about this evening being a ‘Cornplanting’ which was a metaphor for planting seeds in the consciousness of people who may be called to the Ehama training programmes.  Once again, I was intrigued. There was a fluency and beauty to this presentation that I had never experienced before. The evening was completed by an invitation to come to what they called a ‘ceremony’ in a stone circle near Balquidder in the land of Rob Roy.

The Call of the Land of Rob Roy

I went home that night and said to David that I thought we should go the ceremony. The only fly in the ointment was camping we were both somewhat challenged by the prospect of camping in the wilds of Scotland.  I had only camped once before when I was about twelve and I was not a big fan.  However, the prospect of the being in a Stone Circle clinched it for us.  We were going!  The next weekend we went out bought a tent, mats and two sleeping bags.  We were all set and, looking back, it feels like at some deep level we were already on the journey with the Teachers and this ancient wisdom called The Origin Teachings of the Delicate  Lodge.  I can remember thinking a lot about attending the weekend over the next few weeks. Would I be too much out of my comfort zone?  What if I didn’t like it? I could be rather sniffy if I felt constrained or told what to do.  Never the less, we were going.

The ceremony was due to start at 5 pm on a Friday. So we decided to make a weekend of it and left at lunchtime on a warm and beautiful sunny June day.  We traveled a seemingly long way down a dirt track to the site and when we arrived the location was quite breath-taking.  A stone circle on the brow of a hill looked down onto two side-by-side Scottish lochs. In the distance over the rolling landscape, we could see the Scottish mountains. There was much bustling activity around the camp and we were greeted warmly and guided to where we were to put up our tent. I arrived with my pull-along suitcase and both it and I were ill-equipped for the bumpy grassland.  Little did I know that my norms in the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual realms were about to be shaken and stirred and I would be embarking on an adventure that continues to this day.

The Ceremony that Awakened my Sacred Feminine
I will share more of this ceremony in another contribution, what I wish to focus on here is my burgeoning realisation of the Sacred Feminine and, of course, the Sacred Masculine too.   Seeing how WindEagle and RainbowHawk were manifesting at the cornplanting evening was the beginning of this revealing.  I felt that she was an exemplar of the kind of woman I wanted to be.  I sensed a balance of power in her that I felt very drawn to.  I had a busy life being a parent of my two lovely daughters, in a loving intimate partnership with David, and also running my own business.   Life felt very hectic and I had this undertow of anxiety that I could never quite resolve.

The ceremonial aspects of the weekend touched me profoundly – the Pow-Wow drumming resonated deep within me in such a surprising way. The sound enters your chest and simple energised you.  A couple of years later WindLance supported me to become a drum point at SunDance which was an important Medicine claiming for me. 

The second aspect of this awakening was my own experience of our time in ceremony. On Friday evening we were introduced to a practice called Stringing the Beads where each person spoke whilst holding a Talking Stick. Everyone else listened as you spoke. When it was my turn to speak, I felt this rise of emotion within me and to my surprise, I could hardly talk for the tightness in my throat. This rising of emotion was a pattern for me throughout the weekend. On Saturday night I remember going to bed in my tent and feeling very angry, I could not really explain the anger to David but it was truly visceral. I now understand that some part of me knew it was going to have to change and it was fighting for survival. If I could have gone home at that point, I would have.

After breakfast on Sunday morning, the women were invited to gather in the Stone Circle and the men went down to the water. Once the women were settled in the circle, WindEagle looked at each of us in turn and began to speak. She said that she and RainbowHawk saw that the women here were hurting and that time to be together as women was needed.  She spoke of how, in this Earth Wisdom way, the metaphor for the relationship of Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine was that the women hold the centre, at the fire and the men hold the perimeter.

She told us of the power of the Sacred Feminine and how the awakening and remembering of this in each of us was a profound pathway to healing and balance. I remember that I experienced what I can only describe as a bolt of energy shooting up through my spine and something deep within me shifted that has not since gone away. I saw that I was not conscious of this part of me and that I needed to make some shifts in how I operated in the world. There was a lot of emotion expressed at the end of our time together and lots and lots of hugging.

One of the things I remember about that morning was the song we sang and how, as we left the Stone Circle, we somehow all recognised that a song was needed. We came out of the Stone circle and someone suggested a song called ‘The Women and The Wisdom’ and she taught it to us.  Here is what I remember of the song: (click the play icon below to hear the song)


We are sisters on a journey dancing in the sun
We are sisters on a journey singing now as one
Remembering the Ancient Ones
The Women and the Wisdom
The Women and the Wisdom

We all linked arms and started to sing as we marched down the hill. The men heard us and turned around to watch us coming down the hill and somehow they just knew what to do. They moved into two lines to welcome us and they were smiling and cheering us as we moved through the lines.  I remember looking at RainbowHawk and he had tears in his eyes.

We were welcomed
We were beautiful
We were honoured
We were in our full power as Sacred Feminine beings

One of the things I did when I got home was to go through my clothes and take out those with big shoulders and big bows. I realised that I did not need to be that “big” anymore and that these clothes were part of my defense strategy. People also commented that I was a bit softer and less prickly. I have tears in my eyes as I remember that this was a truly transformational time for me, and for all of us.

I came home to something deep within that has never left me and is about who I am as a woman. I offer a deep bow of gratitude to my Teachers, RainbowHawk and WindEagle, for seeing what was needed and for guiding us to an understanding that was so life-affirming and transformational.

Two weeks later, David and I returned to the second ceremony the Ehama team where holding and a blessing for our forthcoming marriage was woven into the ceremony. Not only did we celebrate our marriage but also the marriage of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine in all of us.  We all agreed that we were in a timeless time during that weekend and David and I could not have been more married.  The civil ceremony was the icing on our Earth Wisdom wedding cake that we remember with such fondness.

And so began my life-long love affair with the Teachings of the Delicate Lodge.  In dedication to my Teachers, I have recorded the song The Wild Mountain Thyme which we sang during our time in ceremony in Scotland. It reminded them of their Celtic heritage and I know they both loved it dearly.

(click the play icon below to hear the song)

Ann StarSong is the Chair of Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom which exists to foster and nourish the reconnection of people with the Wisdom of the Mother Earth by sharing, applying and evolving the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge.

She and FireHawk are co-editors of this BeaconFires journal which is a manifestation of their long-held Sacred Dream to co-create a dedicated Medicine community where people who love The Teachings can share and learn from each other in ways that respond to the challenges of 21st Century living. We welcome contact from any of our Medicine Family who are interested in bringing us into a closer and deeper relationship with one another.

She is passionate about being a grandparent and in supporting members of her “baby boomer” generation to actively bring forward their wisdom in service of their families and their wider communities. Please see our Active Wisdom Programme that is in development by clicking here.

Ann StarSong and Prairie Dancer host an annual cycle of Seasonal Ceremonies – more information can be found on our website. 

Living the Sacred Feminine: Rebuilding the Earth Lodge

Living the Sacred Feminine: Rebuilding the Earth Lodge

Earth Lodge Altar – August, 2018

When I was in my 20’s, I realized that I had come here this lifetime to explore one major question and that question was: What is it to be woman? And especially, what is it to be a woman at this time in history?

Being born female into a culture that valued and was largely a reflection of the gifts and principles of The Masculine was a strange and confusing experience to me, first as a young child and later as a young woman.  The world that women were allowed to move in felt constrained and limited to territories (homemaker, nursing and teaching) that I wasn’t particularly interested in at that time of my life. To me, the worlds that were open to males felt way more interesting, exciting and “free”.  I wondered…Where, in this culture, does someone like me fit? Or do I fit anyplace?

I was lucky in that I was born on a farm and allowed to be what is now called a “free range child.”  Home was a safe place.  I was free to wander the hundreds of acres on our farm, even as a young child. It’s not that my parents believed that was the best way to parent, it was simply how things were done on the farm.  I was free to explore and be who I was – even as I wasn’t sure just who or what I was or where or how I fit in to the contemporary society of my childhood.

In 8thgrade, I went from being the only kid in my class at the one-room (K to 8thgrade) country school that I had attended, to being one of 60+ students in my class.  It was there that I ran into the societal walls that prescribed the behavior that was appropriate (or inappropriate) for women, with the emphasis being largely on what was inappropriate which I interpreted to mean “If you wish to ‘fit in’, you must learn to contain and restrain yourself from fully expressing who you really are.”  To not do so, was to be banished to the realm of those who “didn’t belong”.

The next 10 years of my life, were spent feeling one way on the inside and living differently on the outside in an attempt to “fit in” while feeling increasingly alienated from who I really was and the culture in which I lived.

Fast forward in time, through graduating from college, giving birth to my first daughter, joining the Peace Corps, marriage, moving to California, beginning an academic career at the University of California, Santa Cruz, traveling the world, having my second daughter, getting divorced, returning to my career at UC Santa Cruz, a second marriage, leaving UC Santa Cruz, commuting to NY to work,  another child, another divorce, working with the International Center for Organization Design, meeting FireHawk and finally meeting The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge and the two people who became my first teachers:  WindEagle and RainbowHawk.

Ehama Institute in Germany – Circa 1998

Fundamental principles, natural laws grounded in thousands of years of observation and exploration became the ground through which I explored that original question of “What is it for me Pele, to be a woman.” Only this time, I lived into the questions in an experiential, everyday way of living through the lens of indigenous wisdom that I had previously only explored in an academic way at the University.

Fundamental principles became clear.   For there to be peace within ourselves and on earth, the masculine and feminine aspects of who we each are must be in balance both within ourselves and in the larger cultures within which we live.  The earth is a plane of duality and the gifts of difference, the gifts of all duality, including male and female, of the feminine and the masculine are the loom upon which we weave reality.

I came to understand my life
(and all human life)
as an Invitation from Life itself

Express your sacred essence as women and as men.
Weave an exquisite co-creative dance
A dance capable of embodying
the unique and limitless ways
in which the beauty and power
of the feminine and masculine aspects
in each of us
can come together
this life time.

My work with the medicine wheel teachings has always been both personal and transpersonal.  My life long exploration of “What is it for me, Pele, to be a woman?”  later became “Who are WE as women?” and what is the essence of what it is to be an earthly expression of the feminine face of The Divine, of Great Spirit, of Creator?

As I have watched my 3 daughters grow and make their way in the world, each one blazing different paths than the ones available to me at their age, I am struck by the grand opening now for the flowering of the Sacred Feminine (and the Sacred Masculine) and for deep and lasting intergenerational healing and growth.

My pledge to my daughters is to play my part by giving back the Teachings that I was given so that my grandchildren (now 9 young souls and counting) can each fulfill their destiny as sacred human beings.

I ask myself and others, how do we address the imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies in the world in ways that bring joy, harmony, hope and a new expression of a planetary culture in which men and women enjoy equal respect and there is a universal acceptance and understanding of the gifts each brings to life?

Ohki Simine Forest  –

Enter the concept of Women as Stewards of the Earth Lodge and Men as Stewards of the Sky Lodge. This concept, first expressed to me in a talk and later in person by Ohki Siminé Forest, (a Canadian woman of Mohawk descent who works with The Maya in Chiapas, Mexico) took root in my heart and mind as a way to help create the world in which we all long to live – a world of peace, of wholeness and balance.

I began to imagine the Earth Lodge as a Sacred “Home”, an ongoing, alive, earthly container and expression of the sacred gifts of the Feminine and the Sky Lodge as a Sacred “Home”, an ongoing, earthly expression for the sacred gifts of the Masculine.  And I also began to wonder what would an Earth Lodge and what would a Sky Lodge be like at this time on earth?

(Rather than speak more in depth about the Earth Lodge and Sky Lodge, you can download a pdf file here which contains key aspects of Ohki’s talk describing the Earth Lodge and Sky Lodge.)

Note:  The essence of the importance of The Earth Lodge and the Sky Lodge to me is that it is one way to explore how we, as a culture, can build organizational structures that support The Two Sacred Laws: (All things are born of woman. And No law shall be passed that will harm the children.) while recognizing and respecting the sacred duality of Masculine and Feminine energies within each of us.

Earth Lodge – August, 2018

In August, we (Lana Holmes and I) held our first ceremony in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California for women interested in exploring Rebuilding the Earth Lodge for these times on earth. It was a profound and powerful ceremony.

The Earth Lodge and The Sky Lodge as an on-going, sacred, mystical , unfolding dance of co-creation.  May it be so!

Pele Rouge has spent much of her life exploring the sacred inter-relatedness of all of Life. She fell In love with and became a carrier of an ancient body of Earth Wisdom Teachings after completing an eight-year formal apprenticeship with WindEagle and RainbowHawk, co-founders of Ehama Institute, based in New Mexico. These powerful Earth Wisdom Teachings are designed to foster wholeness and balance within the self and all aspects of life.

Working in tandem with her husband FireHawk, and her growing community of powerful women allies, she has brought these teachings into a wide variety of individual and organizational settings in the U.S. and Europe. At the heart of Pele’s passionate journey is her love of co-creating sacred ceremonial space in which people can gather to “do their work.”

If you are interested in joining our ongoing exploration of the Earth Lodge and the Sky Lodge, please contact us: Pele Rouge (pelerouge@timelessearthwisdom.comand Lana  Holmes (

Embracing The Dance of Creation

Embracing The Dance of Creation

My ceremonial name is StarWalker. I am also Birgitte, I was born and live in Denmark, and I am an actress, singer, author and teacher! You could say that my doorway into life is art and poetry in many forms, and the dance between the masculine and feminine in my work and life has become a more and more natural way of working and being.

Last year I published a book called “Det du favner” (Danish).  I translate it as “Embracing” as the direct translation can mean “What you embrace”, however when I looked the translation up in an English dictionary it said, “It embraces you”. I think it’s funny that I express it as a movement where I embrace, but when I translate the word into English then I am embraced. “Embracing” involves two, and I find this so relevant to the subject I’m now looking into, namely the balance between the masculine and the feminine, the give and take, the stillness and action. Both polarities are needed for the perfect breathing of life, the inhaling and the exhaling.

The frame of my book is a Vision Quest in New Mexico, where I contemplate and travel back and forth in my life; a life that is filled with creativity, spirituality, daily life challenges and with thoughts of how to dance with it all and allow it all to unfold.

In my book, I explore how I have gained a greater understanding that as human beings we are co-creators of our reality in every moment. Every thought, every word, every action is a walking prayer of who we are, what we are and where we are in our lives. We all have a yearning to live, to breathe, to express, to experience and to become more realized as Sacred Humans. Since all that each of us contains is held and exists in the collective ocean of creation, I hope that the book will inspire others to embrace life, and its many opportunities, in their own unique way.

I believe that we have a longing to feel the connectedness. We want to lean into the bigger dream of creation by aligning and making our visions blossom and grow with one another. Being part of the Great Everything, with a sense of belonging, enables us to be and to become what we long for as part of the dance of this life. It is this dance of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine that weaves through my life.

I would like to share a little of how the Earth Wisdom Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, often called The Medicine, came into my life and how they have unfolded in Denmark. It has been a delightful and remarkable journey. I first encountered The Teachings when a good friend and colleague, Terese StandingTall, visited England with her husband Tom, to participate in a weekend ‘ceremony’ with WindEagle and RainbowHawk.  StandingTall was so thrilled with what she encountered that she asked the Teachers to come to Denmark and teach here. StandingTall possesses a good deal of determination and stamina, and by 2001 she had organized a number of ceremonies with The Teachers. So the adventure of Denmark embracing the Teachings began!

Such was the success of these gatherings that in 2002 we started the first Danish Council Guide Training (CGT) with 24 participants from Denmark, Scotland, England and Germany. As well as the face-to-face ceremony time with the Teachers, the important web of communication in-between the ceremonies, with assignments and questions, were held by our well-trained guides from Scotland, StarSong & PrairieDancer. Our assistants were FireFlower & John from England and Sabine FireEagle from Germany.

Since 2002, seven CGT’s have now taken place in Denmark. During this time WhiteEagleWoman took over leading this training, and this has progressed to there being a group of us trained to hold the CGT teaching here. Around 150 people have taken the CGT in Denmark. Our path didn’t stop with CGT, a number of us from Denmark have continued with our Medicine journey, with other ceremonial trainings including Black Lodge, the annual Sundance gathering and the holding of the Rainbow Lodge.

I’ve been working with spiritual development most of my life, so many of the things that I heard during the training with WindEagle, RainbowHawk and WhiteEagle were not entirely new to me. The big difference, however, was the way it connected to my daily life; I felt more able to align and open to the flow of sustainability and synchronicity. The feminine way of listening is listening to the whole: listening to the words, the movements, the patterns and listening to the space between them. When we attune to this spaciousness time expands: we align with the universal truth and move into an authentic sense of flow and synchronicity appears.

One of the things I’ve taken into my way of teaching is the richness of taking time to learn through many practices, meditation, playing, exploring, dressing up, acting, singing, building structures and ceremonial claiming of our power under the stars, by the ocean etc.. Throwing ourselves into the Teachings like children, but with the consciousness of the grown-up, knowing that these experiences lead to expanded self-awareness and self-knowledge. Bringing a sense of effortless effort that is so different to the way modern society has turned creativity into a matter of speedy actions, with very little understanding of the universal laws of connectedness. This lack of appreciation is often combined with not engaging with the Sacred Feminine, which means right timing is not given the attention needed to achieve a balanced and sustainable way of manifesting.

When I look at my journey of balancing the feminine and the masculine, I can see that there are some peak points where I had clear and important insights. I would like to share a few of them.

The training in the Earth Wisdom Medicine has been essential for the way I’ve opened my perspective about being a woman, and a human being, in this world. RainbowHawk and WindEagle held a Sacred Pipe ceremony with us during our CGT training. They explained how the bowl of the pipe represents the feminine aspect and the stem represents the masculine and when the two are connected, it creates the perfect balance for the smoke of our Sacred Dreams to flow out into manifestation. I remember how after the Pipe Ceremony I felt a complete and huge connection with Everything in a way that I had never experienced before. I felt that I belonged in this Universe, that I was part of this Greatness and not separated from it. I was whole. It was a profound and life-changing experience.

My first Vision Quest (VQ) was held on WindEagle & RainbowHawk’s land in New Mexico. The second one was in Denmark, and I decided to work with my balance between the masculine and the feminine. It was WindEagle who chose my spot on the land. It wasn’t a place I would have chosen myself – yet it was perfect! My space was filled with big oak trees, there was almost no sun coming through the green leaves, and I could look down at a lake at a distance. It was like entering a nature womb, and very soon I realized that my feminine side was calling me strongly for healing.


The trees became my friends. I felt held by the love and trust as they included me in their network roots of whispering wisdom. As the roots of the trees are connected, I could feel how I as a woman am connected to all women through time and space. A collective consciousness of all that has been and is right now in the feminine field. I felt the pain, the hurt, the sorrow and the grief and my tears were like the rains that bring fertility and new life. I hold this vision that the healing work each of us does brings healing to everyone because our roots are connected as a web of light. We don’t have to take our past into the future. By healing old wounds and by aligning to the core light of the now, we can build a future on fresh new energy and leave the past in the past.

I also felt the power, the passion and the vitality of my life and as the trees embraced me with their unconditional loving embrace, I stepped forward to embrace my life, and my womanhood, with gratitude and courage.

Another experience for me was when a small group of us were training to teach CGT with WhiteEagleWomen. On her land in New Mexico, we each chose a personal issue to work with. I decided to look into my relationship with my mother and father to clear any out-of-balance masculine and feminine energy coming to me from my lineage. It was a very powerful ceremony, where I let go of the Victim, the Judge and other twisted stories in my belief system that resulted from my ancestor line. I took the gifts from my mother and my father that were useful and life-giving and everything else I let fly away on ceremonial wings.

These different ceremonies have helped me in my search for balance and wholeness in myself. Today I am very conscious of the stories we tell about ourselves as humans. Do our stories support wholeness or do they support separation? There has, over the last few centuries, been a patriarchal power structure in society that suppresses the feminine and seeks to rule by fear. That doesn’t serve men or women, and it certainly doesn’t serve the upbringing and growth of our children. 

The feminine is represented by the dark, whereas the masculine is the light and some of the stories hold a view of the darkness as the home of evil. In these stories, the dark hides shady actions and the alternative view of how the dark nurtures us by providing renewing and healing sleep isn’t as exciting as the big drama of fear. Everything is as it is – it is how we interpret it or use it that makes the difference. No light without darkness – no darkness without light, it’s all one.

We are now in this time experiencing the consequences of a distorted masculine way of creating. A way where we have been demanding and forcing creation into being without listening to the feminine potential. When we invent like this, we create without regard for the environment, and the result is pollution and disharmony.

Whereas the creation where the mature masculine energy uses its ability to listen deeply to when the potential in the feminine is ready to give birth, and then to act on it, creates the perfect timing and right action. This results in sustainability that can last for many generations.

Cause and effect are becoming more evident these days with climate change and other challenges, and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming to try to deal with it all. What can one person do in this big world? How can we dream of a beautiful world for ourselves and each other – does it make sense?

I believe it does and that each step we take – the learning and the growing – matters. I believe that it is essential to share our knowledge and wisdom in teaching, in the way we act and in the stories we tell. Embracing the wisdom and voice of Earth is vital to this.

As an actor, over the years I have been involved in lots of original drama, and that is very much a process where you practice co-creation and invent along the way. You have to listen, explore and allow the “not perfect” to be expressed. With newly created drama it can go many ways; you can’t predict the outcome and you have to trust that by doing your best day by day, it will eventually make sense. In that way, it isn’t very different from how it is to live and act in the big theatre of our life. What I know is that when we honor the balanced dance between the masculine and the feminine it makes creation fun, vital and beautiful. I think that is worth embracing.

I have recorded one of my favorite songs to complete this exploration of my journey as a Sacred Women. It is “Eagle when she flies” by Dolly Parton. It is from my perspective a song that honors woman, and I love it.


Birgitte Raaberg, whose medicine name is StarWalker, has acted in more than 50 theatre plays and musicals in Denmark as well as worked in both movies and television. She was a consumer program host on Danish TV and is a sought-after speaker. She also does cartoon film dubbing and is a gifted coach and teacher – in Communication, Drama and Earth Wisdom. The medicine training, with its way of being in this world, runs through everything she does.

She is, together with other Medicine Teachers, training people in CGT in Denmark and in April 2019 the group is launching a new one year program called Walkers by Choice – A journey of personal development.

Then in September 2019 another one year program is to be launched called: High Five– Life growing Leadership.It’s applicable for all levels and forms of leadership from top management to project and team Leaders, consultants, teachers and the self-employed. It is also for people who want to work with the understandings of wholeness, seven generation thinking, informed decision-making and sustainability.

Birgitte says: It’s so exciting to combine all the beautiful Medicine Training with the skills of modern ways of strategic communication, journalism and the acting skills of presence, presentation and power.


For additional info on Walkers by Choice or High Five please contact: Sascha Amarasinha –