Beacon Fires Journal




At Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom, our dream is to foster people’s reconnection with the Wisdom of Earth, so that, together we can increasingly act in the world for the benefit of all of Life.

We are dedicated to sharing, applying, and evolving our beloved Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge in ways that help us all make sense of the times in which we live.

Beacon Fires is a vehicle for stories about where this re-connection with our Earth Mother is thriving through those of us who carry her wisdom as part of our agreement with Life. Our stories matter. They literally call the future that our hearts know is possible into form in time and space in each present moment.

We invite you to share Beacon Fires stories with your families, tribes, and networks, so that we may once again remember how to be more fully human together in the very real challenges of our 21st-century lives.

We are currently completing our second basket of stories about the Sacred Masculine, as compliment and balancer to our Sacred Feminine basket. After that, we are working on a new series for you that you will hear about soon!

We offer this Journal in the spirit of sacred partnership with our Mother Earth. Our prayer is that we may all walk in beauty!

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