BeaconFires: The People’s Medicine

Our dream is to foster people’s (re)connection with the Wisdom of Earth through sharing, applying, and evolving our Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge in ways that make sense in the times in which we live.

We are living this dream by engaging with people all over the world, both on earth and on line, to support, gather and link both people, and projects, that foster our deepening relationships with each other and, with the Wisdom of Mother Earth.

In medieval times in Great Britain, Beacon Fires were lit to send messages across the land to alert the people to the dangers of invasion, which for much of Great Britain’s early history, were frequent. BeaconFires are the same thing as lighthouses – they just warn of different dangers.

There are also mythic stories of Beacon Fires being one part of telepathic communications, where the fire would be lit to first capture attention, and then the people in both locations would go into a structure similar to a kiva inside the earth, where the deeper communication would take place through the ethers.

It is no accident that we have chosen this title for our newsletter. We wish to connect more deeply with our worldwide Medicine Family, to communicate and tell stories to and with each other, and also communicate with the wider world how The Teachings are being shared in many places across the world, in both traditional and new ways.

We wish to invite those who are walking with the Origin Teachings to shine a beacon light on their unique offerings, practices and applications of the Medicine Wheels.  How does this ancient wisdom translate into our fast-paced modern world and where can we feed each other’s desire to give these teachings away for the coming generations?

We do this in sacred partnership with and service to our Mother Earth.

We invite you to connect with us and, if you are moved to do so, to connect BeaconFires with your families of blood and choice, so that we may remember how to be more fully human together in the challenges of 21stcentury life

Welcome to BeaconFires – this is our first basket of writing, sound and visual expressions. For this basket, we have asked a few of the Women who love the Delicate Lodge Teachings to respond to the question “How does the title Calling the Sacred Feminine relate to your work with the Teachings now?”

We hope you enjoy exploring this basket with us. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please consider doing so – we will start out as a quarterly publication and increase frequency as the journey unfolds. (Subscribe button here). You can leave your thoughts and comments with each article.

May we all walk in Beauty…

Birgitte StarWalker in Denmark

Birgitte StarWalker in Denmark

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