The Great Remembering

The Great Remembering

You are aware of a quietly muted sense of self.  You feel the sheets against your skin and the warmth emanating from them.  You lightly stretch and curl your hands like a cat and snuggle deeper into the blankets. You hear the wind gently stirring outside the window.  You smell the cherished scent of your loved one close by in deep slumber still. You perceive an awakening … from one moment of beauty in the dark world of the night dream into receiving the present sensate reality of your morning world.  You are becoming aware.  You come from one reality and potential set of truths into a different reality.  You begin to plug your senses more and more into this daylight realm and recognize finally that it is morning and you have just woken from your dreaming world…. the amount of light telling you about the time … the sounds in the house around expanding your awareness … the feeling of desire for coffee, or the bathroom, or the beauty of the cat awakening at the end of your bed.

In this state you are a receptor being.  You simply drink in this realm of light with all of your senses and receive a thousand points of information.  You are not doing anything yet.  You are simply and exquisitely aware.  You are swimming in the profound restful nature of the Sacred Feminine.  In this moment there is nothing to do.  There is only everything to be aware of.  You are a receiver of information.  You are open to all you taste, touch, smell, hear, and see.  You are in the timeless moment of your daily life before all of the doing begins.  And you cherish this time.  This space feels full and round and rich. And oh how you do not wish it to change. You know you can stay here for a very long time relishing this fecund sense of awareness, and never have it grow old. And perhaps you do a bit of day dreaming about how you could stay here in this moment forever.

This is the yearning to return to a simpler world and life. This is the Sacred Feminine filling you right here at the very beginning of your amazing day.  And what could it be like to return to this feeling, this sensate openness to all that is, off and on in the busy day ahead?  Is it possible?  Can you manage it without all the things you must do suffering for this day-dreaming part of you?

Not only CAN you do it, but you must.  For the health of your precious self, your family, for humanity and for the life of this planet … you must. The natural order of health in our living system that includes the humans needs to be restored for the good of all.

We have been given the perfect measure for a balanced world in our own living system.  If you look to nature you will see the profound balance of the Feminine and Masculine principles. AND everything always begins in health with the Sacred Feminine principle of silence, stillness, openness, receptivity, and pure awareness.   There is always the silence from which all sound must rise.  There is the darkness from which all light emanates.  There is a stillness from which all movement dances.

And for a long, long time humanity has embraced the value of the Sacred Masculine principle of accomplishing, producing, and manifesting, all driven by a measure of success, divorced from the primal first principle of the value of the Being nature of all things.  You get paid and paid well to do things.  You almost never get paid at all to simply be. Most people today will say, however, that how much they allow themselves to simply be, to meditate, to rest and dream, to be with their loved ones in this life-giving way of the Sacred Feminine IS what gives their lives meaning and makes them stronger and healthier for their doing work out in the world.

Here is another example of what happens when the many gifts of the field of the Sacred Feminine are forgotten.  I believe all of the less than beautiful occurrences in our world today can be attributed to a great forgetting of the Feminine principal of listening!  Allowing oneself to be like the Great Great Grandmother, the Void, the silence, the stillness: to be simply an aware field of consciousness to all that is going on in a moment allows one to see and feel that which is behind the words and actions of others and prepares the ground in us for understanding, compassion and promotes a sense of oneness, rather than the ever present separations happening today in the relationships between humans.

The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge are oriented on our living system and particularly capable of assisting we humans in nurturing the Sacred Feminine principles in our daily lives.   As I travel this precious world and offer the wisdom carried in this bundle of knowledge, the profound healing that occurs in my human sisters and brothers stuns me.  I am humbled by the change in a human when they are not only allowed but encouraged to nurture the being states of themselves. The profound shifts in their consciousness’ when they begin to enter a new day in a prayerful way of openness and stillness, allowing the deep communication between the self and all else to grow.  The power of learning to cherish their own state of being, rather than needing to constantly measure against others in work, visage, strength or production promotes a self value of intrinsic beauty.  The depth of a meaningful life begins to grow and the sense of joy returns. Our understanding of our intrinsic worth reorients to not who we become, but to who we are in our being nature. A sense of a meaningful life being lived into becomes our daily appreciation.  And as the Sacred Feminine begins to lead our daily reality again, the stress of life seems to float away.

Peace within creates the peace without.

When asked to speak about my perspective on the rising of the Sacred Feminine in these times my heart chose clearly to focus on the shifts and changes this awakening can foster in the daily walk of a human being. I did question myself about the biggest and most important things I could speak to about this topic.  And always the daily reality of my human brothers and sisters gets my heart’s attention first.  I do believe that there are huge issues in our world based on this Great Forgetting of the true order of health starting with these principles of being, openness, oneness, receiving, listening, yielding etc.  And I also feel deeply that it is in our individual walks of life that we will ultimately affect the change in all other territories of our world where these imbalances live.  So I have dedicated my time here to assist the consciousness growth of any individuals who know they have new territories inside of themselves to challenge and explore, and new vistas in life to then move into with new skills that will bring the shifts we need.  Because if we truly shift to the balanced perspective of valuing the Sacred Feminine as the original organizing principle from which the Sacred Masculine can then rise and join in our homes, amongst our friends and family, and in our communities, then of course the rest of how we walk on this planet will also shift. If a meaningful life of richness and joy prevails in this new way of living, it will grow.  All newness comes from the Great Great Grandmother, and dances into this realm on the lightning bolt of the Great Great Grandfather.

We humans will always create!  We will always want to produce new things and bring beauty into life through the process of manifestation!  AND we need to remember that precious and rich field of simply being … receiving … listening … contemplating … and resting in the abundance of all of life must be the ground for all things to rise from.

So tonight as you lay your head upon your pillow and offer your gratitude for another day of beauty and love, witness yourself begin to again yield to the Sacred Feminine night dream.  Feel the luscious and soft fabrics and warmth surrounding you.  Listen to the precious sounds of those you love also beginning to release and relax into Her. Smell the scent of love beginning to float all around you as you perceive the healing velvet darkness of sleep approaching … and purposefully and joyfully reunite with the Sacred Feminine of the night dream to take in all you can receive by simply, beautifully, being ….

Rest … Heal … Learn …

And it is true that a new world is coming into being that has never existed here before in this reality.  We are perfectly poised to remember a new/old way of being in these modern times.  Many are cleaving their worlds in two to discover how to live differently now. Many are leading all the territories we all live in into new consciousness levels to heal ourselves and our planet of the terminal illness of the Great Forgetting of these Feminine principles. The change is happening as it has been foretold for generations by the Earth’s First Nations.

Because in the end of things … We Are Her Children

In Deepest Respect to All My Relations,

WhiteEagle Woman


WhiteEagle Woman is of many lineages … and has dedicated her life to being a Keeper of the Origin Teachings of the delicate lodge.  

This bundle of impeccable knowledge from the ancients was chosen because it was was felt by her in her 14 years of apprenticeship to be priceless in its nature for its ability to heal our Sacred Hoop.  It was chosen by her because this knowledge is always to be shared with all people, regardless of lineage.  She has moved around our planet for the last few decades keeping this great basket of wisdom open for all who would choose to study our deepest cosmological truth of our reality.  

She is a daughter, sister, mother, and grandmother, and she carries a vision for our Human Collective to allow the borders of appearing separation to give way to the great truth of oneness that is at the heart of everything. She tends a sacred land in New Mexico called Star Dance, and when not traveling for ceremonial reasons, loves her land, her animals and her people.  

You can see her work at:  Dancehammers