Embracing the Sacred Masculine

Embracing the Sacred Masculine

As I am moving into the spring moons, the dream seeds inside of me and all around are sprouting. And the sparkling curious voices inside want to know: Who am I now? Who do I want to become? What wants to emerge in my life and in life all around me?

This springtime feels like the perfect moment to break out of the cocoon that nourished me in the Winter Kiva Moons. The silence and stillness, the dreaming, the being, the remembering and sharing of stories was powerful and inspiring. Now it is time to emerge from the Earth and the cave with the warm fireplaces and to move out into action, feeding my yearnings, following my dreams.

As I am listening to these voices inside of me, I am also curious about how I want to grow myself as a man in this world. How do I want to show up? What is yearning inside of me to be strengthened and grown for more wholeness and health? What is needed in our world from men? How can I serve a bigger dream and purpose when I bring my gifts and talents? How can I as a warrior for peace be of service for myself and for all of life at the same time?

I am 46 years old. I have grown up in Switzerland. I have had the privilege to go to good schools and get support to live into my dreams of starting my own business to support others in their growth and transformation processes, to learn about Earth Wisdom with the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge and I am learning every day how to live in integrity with my heart and what is important to me: to create balance and beauty, health and wholeness in life and to speak my truth. And I want everyone on this planet to be free of enslaving and limiting beliefs, images, opinions, attitudes or any other things that keep our human hearts closed.

I am in training with life, every day. I am learning, and thanks to my teacher and my people I get mirrors and challenges to learn more, to reflect on the limiting beliefs that still live inside of me – as here on the inside is the first place I want to look and create beauty before moving anywhere else.

And I keep looking into the question of how can I bring my gifts as a man into this world? After years of being trained in being a soldier and consultant, a leader and entrepreneur, in learning much about creativity, and innovation and, taking action. I realized that as a next step, I needed to learn more about the Sacred Feminine to come more to stillness and to appreciate the being qualities rather than the quick and repeated action that I was used to in my daily life.

I had a hard time to slow down, to listen rather than to speak, to wait rather than to push, to breath rather than to compensate immediately for whatever did not fit the quick fix criteria I was using for success at the time.

I was learning slowly to relax, to slow down, to listen, to meditate and let go of pushing thoughts and ideas that shouted: pick me! Pick me!

I practiced being in silence, to meditate and to come more inner peace. I was able to remember my night dreams and to learn from them on how to create more balance in my life. Step by step, I could grow a better equilibrium inside of me. And I could see how this was emanating into my surrounding fields of life and work, too. It felt strange and unknown, new, at first. But as time went on, I started realizing that the soft skills that I was practicing actually became the new hard skills that I could really rely on, and that gave me a firm foundation in moments of change and chaos.

And I remembered the words of my teacher who told me that for a man to become whole, we need to learn to yield to life. Whereas for women the challenge is to integrate the lightning-bolt, the moving into action. And while I liked the sound of the words, it took me a long time to practice yielding. And holy smoke, it sometimes still takes a very long time for me to practice and integrate the yielding, this soft opening to an idea that was not mine in the first place.

As I learned to practice my feminine qualities more and more, I also felt that I needed to approach and study the Sacred Masculine again.

What is the Sacred Masculine and how can I embrace it for more wholeness and vitality into my life? How can I walk as a warrior in this world?

I learned about the creative force, our grandfather Sun, the bringer of light and lifeforce, sparking power and vibrant light waves into our world, hungry like the fire, fierce in its own way, burning bright and un-dimmed, just fully powering and beaming lifeforce everywhere.

Moving from the stillness of the winter moons into the warmer spring days, with more sunlight, I feel like the enthusiasm is growing in me for all territories in my life. And like the grandfather Sun is shining his light earlier and earlier every morning onto the Earth, I want to get active and engage earlier every day with life, moving into action and planting the dream seeds and ensure that they can grow healthy and strong.

What is the role of a warrior today? I am exploring this question, looking for meaning, for subtle aspects of what feels like meaningful causes to stand for life, to protect life and what is dear to the heart. What do I want to stand for? What do I want to paint onto my shield that is standing outside of my home? What am I ready and willing to give my life for?

I am learning about the children’s fire. And that our responsibility as men and warriors is to protect the children’s fire, their growth and expansion. I can see that I am really good at standing around this fire with courage and fierceness to protect the growth of not only our children but any new idea or initiative that feels is life-birthing and life-growing. I feel the yearning to stand up for and insist on diversity and growth for all life-forms to foster health and wholeness. This gives meaning and integrity to me in walking my path every day.

And as the spring days and the light gets brighter, I feel the desire to grow and strengthen how I can bring myself into life as a man, walking with Great Spirit, and holding and balancing the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine inside of me, and learning every day how this dance is unfolding in new ways and movements.

I am practicing to stay ready and open-hearted, hungry and fierce to stand for life, to move with life, to protect the Children’s Fire. In my heart, I am clear what this is, and I follow my instincts to move forward, awake and aware.

And every morning and evening, I am listening to the dance of the Feminine and the Masculine inside of me and all around me, the power to be still and the lightning-bolt, the movement. Both forces are nudging me, inviting me to grow and expand, to learn more about myself and the world around me. And I am grateful for the Grandfather Sun rising every morning and his light reaching and touching the Grandmother Earth beautifully and softly.

DawnJaguar is a learner in the Delicate Lodge Teachings and currently in Keepership training with his teacher WhiteEagle Woman.

He is teaching the Medicine Wheels and protocols for healthy and strong circle businesses in the working world to support leaders, teams, entire companies and communities to move from pyramids to circles where every voice matters.

He has also integrated the Council Guide Training as a mindfulness and wholeness training into the curriculum of the Business school of the KaosPilots in Bern, Switzerland and Cape Town, South Africa. He is also guiding people on their learning journey with the Council Guide Training in the Swiss Alps.

With a team of hungry learners he is practicing being a circle business with the new consulting business and business school of “7 Generations” and their new 4 year training program “Guardians of Transformation”.

He lives with his wife and their black cat Bagheera on the wild side of Bern’s countryside in Switzerland and more and more on the land of StarDance in New Mexico, USA.

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