Ann Roberts

Ann Roberts (StarSong)

In 1996 within in a stone circle on the Scottish land of Rob Roy, I first met Pele and FireHawk during their European tour with RainbowHawk and WindEagle. Therein I began my love affair with the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, from my first ceremony through my Council Guide (GCT) and Black Lodge training, to acting as ‘guide’ on their programmes.

I brought the Teachings into large organisations including BBC Scotland, Police Scotland and Lafarge Industries and with David PrairieDancer delivered many Earth Wisdom personal development programmes. In 2015 I ‘retired’ from Police Scotland where I was a Leadership Development Advisor within the Senior Careers Development Service and I decided to go back to University where I graduated with a MSc Applied Social Science. My dissertation topic was ‘Grandparenting and the Flow of Love across the Family’.

Conducting this research helped me to understand the challenges and opportunities of this time in my life. When I encountered the book ‘Composing a Further Life’ by Mary Catherine Bateson, I discovered that my healthy longevity offered new and exciting opportunities for learning and personal development. I am passionate about my role as a grandparent and in supporting members of my “baby boomer” generation to actively bring forward their wisdom to be of service to their families and their wider community.

I have stepped forward as an Associate of the Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom to support an organisation that is dedicated to the Teachings and to those who breathe them into the world. It has been a long held dream of David PrairieDancer and I to co-create a community where we can share, learn from each other and evolve the Teachings in a way that meets the challenges and opportunities of 21st Century living.