Allies: Walking With Our Inner Tribe

An 8-Month Online Exploration
3rd Wednesday of the Month

May 16th, June 27th, July 18th, August 15th,
September 19th, October 17th, November 14th, December 12th

5:30 – 7:30pm PST
To Find Your Local Time

This online teaching series is for those who have taken the Walking as a Chief two-year training and wish to go deeper in their understanding and application of their Allied Robes. Each month we will work more deeply with one Ally, activating the connection between Ally and Command and setting our intention to live more fully with this ally for the next moon.

There will be a space on our web site here to share our learnings in written and other media forms, plus a “mid-moon tuning” to support the learning process. We are envisioning the development of a full curriculum, both on Earth and online, for the Origin Teachings over the next year or so, as part of our ongoing commitment to breathe the Teachings into the world. We would love to share this time of deeper learning with you.

We ask for an exchange of $400 for the eight 2-hour sessions in the series, recognizing and honoring that each participant will be making a unique contribution to this next step in the evolution of the Teachings for the world.