Active Wisdom
Flowering in Eldering

10 Week OnLine course coming this Spring.


In 2011 Mary Catherine Bateson, the daughter of Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson, published Composing a Further Life where she proposed a new stage in in Erik Erikson’s adult psychosocial development model that she called Active Wisdom. This new stage sits between the mid-life stage of Generativity and the original eighth stage of Old Age. She suggests that this stage arises now because of the health longevity of the baby boomer generation who tend to have time, space and resources to have a  life that is not driven by work or parenting.

Active Wisdom brings with it time of new freedom and creativity. It also brings with is a search for increased meaning in one’s life, the sharing of expertise gained during their working lives and consideration of legacy one wishes to leave. It can be time of deep reflection on what they might have hoped to do but, also, to explore what is not too late to do. She describes the virtue of Active Wisdom as being about sharing insight gained from rich life experience that is ‘flavoured with energy and commitment’. This is combined with new levels of experimenting, travel, study, retirement, work and a refreshed interest in giving back to others.

This  aims of this ten week on-line ten week programme is to enable participants to:

  • look back over their lives and harvest the gems of wisdom thus far,
  • dream out ahead to see what they wish for the years ahead that makes the most of their passions, gifts and contributions,
  • bring forth deeper insight and understanding of this new stage in our development,
  • harness the tools and protocols of the Origin Earth Wisdom Teachings, in the service of making a difference to our lives and our World,
  • be part of a co-creative community that supports group  learning
  • seek ways, individually and collectively, to share our skills, time, and expertise in the service of the people and communities that we care about.


The aim of this programme is to provide the opportunity for participants to come together to explore this time in their lives and look ahead to next phase of their life journey. This invitation is open to people who are moving into, or are in, the Active Wisdom time of their lives. This is not about age but more about sensing that we have potential for more joy, more fun and more activities that support our own and others wellbeing. At the heart of this learning journey is a celebration of the interplay between our spirits, emotions, bodies and minds with a connection to the Wisdom of Mother Earth that naturally supports this kind of exploration.

Stay tuned for all the details. If you have and questions or to let us know of  your interest please, contact Ann Roberts (StarSong)