Winter Dreaming Ceremony in California

Wednesday,​ January 22nd until Sunday, January 26th, 2020

In the Northern Hemisphere, in the flow of the annual cycle of seasons, Winter is the time for Mother Earth to rest, to restore and replenish herself for the year to come.

For we humans, it is a call to enter into the realm of “dreaming”, to honor the often-quiet voices inside that long for rest and renewal out of which vibrant new life can once again emerge.

We warmly invite you to come and dream with us. This ceremony is an opportunity for each of us to reflect, explore, nurture and restore ourselves.

The following video about our 2020 Dreaming Ceremony speaks about the purpose of Dreams and Dreaming.

We, humans, are one strand in the Web of Life and the vast wisdom of the Web is available to us at any time. When we enter into places of natural beauty and slow down, this song of Wholeness, this song of Life can be more clearly heard within us. The question is:  Do we choose to slow down, to listen and to dream?

Claiming time to become quiet and listen, takes courage and wisdom. The pattern of our lives is often the same year round: go-go-go and do-do-do. By slowing down to the pace of life and dreaming, we play a crucial role in restoring not only our own inner balance and wholeness but that of the larger world. Today, it takes a conscious choice to stop and choose to dream the inner seeds of our personal and collective renewal, of life itself.

The following video about our 2020 Dreaming Ceremony speaks about some of the details of our Ceremony.

There will be time for rest and reflection, for quieting the mind. Time to be in silence – with yourself, with others, at the fire, on the land or in your cabin. In a field of spaciousness, your own deep wisdom and knowing can begin to emerge.

Days will include a time of connecting with one another through Stringing the Beads, an ancient wisdom practice of deep listening and speaking from the heart. We may find dreams that have been held in abeyance moving to the surface as our ears for listening become more and more attuned.

We will move at what Christina Baldwin calls “The Pace of Guidance“, slowing down time, moving timelessly in the moment to honor what is most needed for clarity, wholeness, restoration, and dreaming.

We will explore our “waking” dreams as well as our “sleeping” dreams. Suspending our judgments and disbelief, we will find the ways to amplify each other’s dreams, to perhaps hear the answers we are seeking, in the stories of another.

There will be a balance between individual and collective time. Each of us can expect to be gently and respectfully held by the others and by the Mother Earth. Each individual’s journey is unique and will be honored. We will leave renewed with new insights and clarity about our life and the choices we need and want to make.

The following video about our 2020 Dreaming Ceremony is FireHawk’s invitation to Dream.

The following video about our 2020 Dreaming Ceremony is Pele’s invitation to Dream.

What to expect:

  • A spacious, safe, beautiful and nourishing environment.
  • Connection with a community of those who care for Earth and her cycles.
  • Time to share our stories with one another and with the land.
  • Time to enter the kiva and dream. (Our Kiva is a space that is totally dark).

What you will receive:

  • A deep sense of renewal and greater clarity about your life.
  • Learning and insights that flow naturally from each other’s stories.
  • The gifts of silence, solitude, and community in which to explore.
  • The particular delight and nourishment of being in a conscious “we” space.


January 22nd at 4:00 pm until January 26th at 3:00 pm
Sequoia Retreat Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern CA.
Fees cover all food and lodging as well as exchange with your guides.
Double Room: $1,270

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

If written notification of cancellation is received by December 15th, 2019 and the space is filled by another, 100% of the program fees paid (minus a $150 handling charge) will be refunded. 

After December 15th, 75% of the program fees paid (minus a $50 handling charge) will be refunded if the space is filled.

No refunds after January 2nd, 2020.