2019 Spring Ceremony of Renewal – Seeds

Spring Ceremony Gallery

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I thought I could have each comment box only apply to one seed – it turns out that’s not how it works at all. Please post all comments below and reply to the comments that you want to weigh in on, as I have to Margaret, WhiteWolf’s below.


  1. Awesome honoring of our intentions. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this beautiful tribute. This is a wonderful place to hold space for our seeds. My prayers are for everyone to see growth and nourishment for this next year.

  3. Yes, thank you Pele and Firehawk for creating this. Will revisit to share the love!

    • You are most welcome Dawn. I’ve been thinking about the notion that this space can be like the feed store for our seeds – need a little fertilizer? Someone in the circle will have extra :-))

  4. This comment is to show the difference between submitting a comment and a reply like the one below.

  5. Thank you, Pele and Firehawk for setting this circle in motion…Reading what I wrote a few weeks ago now…it is so clear how the words we choose to express our seeds will grow as our seeds grow…

    And the heart of my seed remains… Nurturing Life With Healing Intentions

    • You are most welcome White Wolf. I love Pele’s notion that our intentions are “purchase orders to the universe” – my your healing intentions be so.


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Jenn, Spirit on Earth’s Seed:
My seed is to gracefully pounce like a mountain lion. Taking steps to live in a fully present condition and intention within the leadership roles that I am called in to as well as doing so in a way that serves the highest good for all involved. Taking necessary action to accomplish the goals that I set out to accomplish in moments of active pursuit and allowing myself to receive in moments of silent waiting.

Simone ClearHeart’s Seed:
Live In My Truth

Matthew WildFox’s Seed:
To hold sacred spaciousness, especially to allow sacred mother to nurture healing in and through me for all things.

Betty, WindHorse’s Seed:
Planting the seed of adventure as I Emerge into my Most authentic self with ease.

Susan FreeSprit’s Seed:
Peaceful, organized space.

Patricia’s Seed:
Replenish, rebuild, restore my soul.

Craig’s Seed:
I intend to develop my emerging spiritual beliefs thru knowledge and direct experience. And I will test being a bridge between science and spiritualism thru multiple dialogs.

Myron TreeMan’s Seed:
Heart prayer — emergent from the presence of gratitude and openness.

RedHeart’s Seed:
Listen to my Heart allowing it to hear/feel and come into synch with the Love of which the Universe is created and held.

Margaret WhiteWolf’s Seed:
I am nurturing this seed of Love, Life, Laughter…and the more that stretches into eternity also known as ~ Nurturing Life ~ for the sake of brevity.

Dawn’s Seed:
Coherence and flow in service to life.

Paula’s Seed:
Exploring the power and beauty of being.h

Betsy ShiningSun’s Seed:
My seed is living and being joy so that I can be a light for others and provide hope, healing, and love in the world.

Susan LoonSister’s Seed:
I planted a seed of mystery- nurturing my spirit space, being present, and allowing the unfolding of the wonder of what will be.

Jim GladeSeeker’s Seed:
My seed for the next year is a seed of honor to my mother where I will do some lasting things to honor her spirit and her nature

Brian’s Seed:
My seed is to be my complete, unfiltered self.

Lindsey’s Seed:
Choosing to navigate life with intentional action.

Carly’s Seed:
To play in the mud, trying to remember that mud is nourishment, space, silence, and a beautiful starting point.

Nicole’s Seed:

Katherine’s Seed:

FireHawk’s Seed:
The Muse of My Seed – “Her heart can make a slow bud open.”

The Manifestation of My Seed: Everyday, to be grounded, accept the difficult journey, circulate intelligence and meditate.

The Holding Pattern of My Seed: Be Still; Love the Greater Mission; Always Be Connected; No Excuse! – Wild and Vigorous Victory! Truth

Pele Rouge’s Seed:
My seed is to align all aspects of my life so that my life is a wondrous manifestation of my soul’s journey on earth in service to The Divine.