“In the Spirit of Mother”
Spring Ceremony of Renewal in Minnesota

May 9th-12th, 2019
Dunrovin Retreat Center,
Marine St. Croix, MN

Early Registration by March 29th, 2019

In the depths of Winter, if we listen, we can hear the promise of Spring. The life that has been nurtured underground in Winter will burst forth with renewed vitality come Springtime.

Each Spring, for the last decade, we have gathered by the banks of the wide and beautiful St Croix River near Stillwater, Minnesota to create ceremony together. We gather to renew ourselves in the company of friends and colleagues, to listen to the wisdom of our inner knowing and to choose one new “seed” to plant in the garden of our lives.

We gather to give thanks for our own life, for the lives of our community and for Life all around us. Amidst herons, turtles, beavers, foxes and eagles, we offer our gratitude for the last cycle of our life. We will listen for the future that beckons us as we seek our own inner wisdom, within a safe circle of people and with the St. Croix River herself.

This Spring, life has led us to holding our ceremony over the Mother’s Day weekend.* Come join us in celebrating the Spirit of Mother – she who births new life – the Sacred Feminine in harmony and balance with the Sacred Masculine.

Mother takes many forms, and yet all mothering arises from some form of seed  – planted where it can grow and thrive. Mothering requires a seed to be nurtured and cared for until it can grow on its own. We humans have the same on-going need to be nurtured and cared for.

Each year, we seek out one seed that we care about to plant in the garden of our lives. After our ceremony we carry with us, not only our own seed, but also an awareness of the seed of everyone who sat in circle with us.

* Please note, we will complete the ceremony by Noon so that people can have time with their families on this day of honoring Mother.

Double Rainbow at last year’s Spring Ceremony – image by FireHawk

What is expected of each of us as participants?*

To show up and be present…
To show up and be present – being who we are is our gift to the circle and to life.
To speak our truth…
To speak our truth from the heart (as well as the mind) without blame or judgment – our perspective is unique and valuable, just as is that of everyone else. Differences are a gift.
To pay attention…
To pay attention to what has heart and meaning for each of us – it will help guide us to the next step upon our life’s path.
To be open to outcome…
To be open to outcome, without being attached – come with a clear intention and be open to the outcome being different than was expected.
To keep confidential…
To keep confidential that which is shared by others, while being free to share my own experience.
To be aware of and care for…
To be aware of and care for our own needs as well as those of the community and to find a place of dynamic balance between the two.
*Thank you to Angeles Arrien from whom the first four “expectations” were first expressed.
What outcomes might I expect for myself?
Greater clarity…
Greater clarity about how to thrive in challenging times.
An opportunity to slow down…
An opportunity to slow down and reflect upon my life in a spacious way.
An experience of being…
An experience of being connected to the larger rhythms of nature.
An experience of belonging…
An experience of belonging in a community while being free to be who I truly am.
Greater awareness…
Greater awareness of my unique gifts and the opportunity to share them and be seen.
Hearing my own voice…
Hearing my own voice and the voices of others deeply expressed and knowing that we all matter.
A beginning understanding…
A beginning understanding of Earth Wisdom in the context of my own life.

Thursday May 9th, 2019 – 4:00pm until
Sunday May 12th, 2019 – Noon

Dunrovin Retreat Center,
Marine St. Croix, MN.

Early Registration by March 29th – $685
After March 29th – $785
Age 35 and under early registration – $435
After March 29th – $500

A limited number of  partial scholarships are available
for those age 35 and under.
Please contact us for an application.

Cancellation policy:
Full refund by March 29th, minus $75.00 handling fee.
After March 29th, 50% refund.
After April 15th, no refunds.